Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Bacon

I have never been a “I’ll just have coffee” or “a banana will do” for breakfast kind of girl.

Rarely I can get by with a couple slices of toast or a bowl of cereal…but we are talking a handful of times a year. At most.

I tend to require something a little more…involving eggs. Haha.

Every month or so I take a bit of time to put together a batch of breakfast burritos that I wrap individually and tuck away in the freezer for an easy grab and go (or sit at the table) breakfast.

I leave them frozen and  toss one in the oven to thaw and warm (375 degree oven) while I get the troops ready. It takes about 45 min to an hour.

Then I grab it on the way out the door and can eat it in the car on the way to our various destinations. 

Frozen breakfast burritos can come together in a variety of ways. In fact, I make them a variety of ways.

Here’s what was up this go round…

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Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Bacon
All of your favorites wrapped in a soft flour toritlla, tucked away in the freezer in single servings for an easy breakfast on the go.
  1. Add chopped bacon to large pan (I use a large electric skillet) and brown
  2. Remove bacon with a slotted spoon, reserving fat
  3. Add potatoes O'Brian to skillet with bacon fat and cook
  4. While potatoes cook, scramble eggs in a bowl and set aside
  5. Once potatoes are cooked, return bacon to pan and add scrambled eggs
  6. Salt and pepper to taste
  7. After eggs are fully cooked, stir in green chiles and salsa, combine well
  8. Portion in to flour tortillas, roll, and wrap individually. Pending how full you fill them, you ought to get about 20 burritos out of this recipe.
  9. Tuck in freezer until ready to eat
  10. These burritos can be placed in a warming oven, frozen, for about 45 min to 1 hour to thaw and warm through OR can be thawed overnight in the fridge and warmed in either the oven or microwave.
Recipe Notes

If you aren't going dairy free, as I am at the current time, I'd highly recommend a sprinkle of cheese on each one. They're certainly better with cheese (what isn't?) but I'm not mad at 'em without.

Spring Cleaning 2019

Last year, about this same time, we were elbow deep in Spring Cleaning projects.

I had put together posts for spring cleaning plans for bathrooms and bedrooms. Next on my list was Kitchens (the worst room of all!) and Living Areas.

But I never got to it.

I never finished my own spring cleaning. I never published a <2 part> plan for tackling kitchens and a plan for living areas.

I disappeared from my blog and resided in hibernation until just recently.

Pushing through spring cleaning last year was a struggle. I started the project ON FIRE!! So full of motivation and energy thanks to the beautiful weather, and addition of beaming sunshine to our days. Then, seemingly overnight, I was so physically tired I honestly wondered if something was wrong with me.

Come to find out…I was pregnant.

Extreme fatigue was my biggest first (and well in to second) trimester pregnancy symptom. When I say extreme, I mean EXTREME. Not just “I need a little nap and I’ll feel better”. This was more like “how is it possible to be this tired and not be dead?” tired.

Thinking about moving a finger required effort.

Plus I had two toddlers to contend with.

I didn’t make a conscious decision to abandon the blog without one word. Truth is I was in freak out mode considering my pregnancy history. Plus extreme fatigue. Plus two toddlers.

I sort of resorted to doing the bare minimum around the house and garden (the garden was already planted – an effort I didn’t want to see completely wasted) and spent the rest of the time with my feet up…or I tried.

And, let us get real, the bare minimum around the house and garden and managing a family still requires a lot.

So, here we are. Spring 2019.

Do you have Spring Cleaning plans?

I’d like to think I do, but I’m really striving to be a realist at this point.

Executing a Spring Cleaning plan like the ones I posted last year would require three weeks without any children.

One week prior to rest up and recharge the batteries so I have enough energy and stamina to get through the various tasks.

One week to execute said plan.

One week on the back end to rest and get myself back together.

Since none of that will be an option my new plan is this: I’m going to do a little extra in each room, when time permits.

And I’m going to call it GOOD.

Because this is the season of life that I’m in and I’m going to embrace it!

If you want to really get after it and need some inspiration or ideas to get organized, here are the posts from last year:

Spring Cleaning, De-clutter & Organize
Spring Cleaning Bedrooms
Spring Cleaning Bathrooms

I’ll also get a post together for Living Areas and a 2 Part plan for Spring Cleaning Kitchens (plans I won’t be following myself, not this year anyway).

I’m curious: where do you stand with Spring Cleaning this year? Ready to get down and really tackle it like a pro, or doing a little extra and calling it good?

It Takes A Village plus Stella Rosso

We’ve all heard that raising children takes a village.

Not all that long ago, mothers staying home with their children was the norm. As was having a community of stay at home mothers all up and down the street.

These mothers relied on one another, kept watch of each other’s children (even fixin’ up a stack of PB&J’s to feed whatever children remained in their own yard come lunch time), and gave one another total breaks by assuming responsibility for the kids so grocery shopping or house cleaning could be done without loading kids in/out of the car or having them under feet.

Leisurely summer afternoons were spent sipping tea or lemonade and having adult conversation while the kids played together outside.

Grandmother’s, aunts, cousins all lived nearby.

At any given time there were a dozen or more options for a set of extra hands.

AND – maybe even more shockingly – kids more or less entertained themselves.

My how times have changed!

It still takes a village to raise children but more mothers (maybe most of them?) have returned to work. Gone are the days when a dozen or more stay at home moms lined the street of every neighborhood, all willing to pitch in (and having the time to do so) when a fellow mother needed help.

I spent time reflecting on this yesterday, as a held a fussy baby on the heels of 2 hours of sleep (sleep I happened to catch before midnight) the prior night. I thanked GOD for the little bit of “village” we have been able to secure for ourselves (an answer to prayer, no doubt) here in Colorado sans all the family living nearby.

Not long after the foster kiddos entered our lives (though, in the moment it felt like MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS) GOD placed the most incredible people in our lives. A fellow foster family with a mama who was pregnant and looking to stay home with her baby. This family needed a little extra income. I needed a break for my emotional and physical wellbeing and ‘foster approved’ child care for the kids.

They invited us over for dinner and we became fast friends. The best of friends. The family here in Colorado we have made for ourselves.

I feel certain we could not have managed without them.

We frequently provide dinner for each other…and wine…and coffee…and other special treats.

Because raising kids is HARD (raising foster kids adds a layer of difficulty) and it takes a village.

It also takes a lot of really good coffee and even better wine.

Enter Stella Rosso.

This bottle made its way home alongside the diaper bag one evening after a particularly LONG week of minimal sleep and toddler behavioral issues.

I’ve loved all Stella Rosa wines that have come through my kitchen so had no fear when popping the cork on this bottle.

What I didn’t expect was for it to totally blow my mind.

Seriously one of my new favs.

A sparkling, sweet, fruity, bubbly glass of heaven on my deck while the littles work to burn off the last of their wiggles (LOL – like that’s even possible with their endless supply of energy) at the end of the day….as I sit in a chair basking in the warmth of the spring sunshine.

Speaking of spring sunshine, sounds like that’s on its way out as yet another ridiculous winter storm rolls in off the mountains.

More snow. More wind. More cold.

The groundhog seriously killed it with his prediction this year, huh?









Anyway, do yourself a favor before the storm, or at minimum, before the weekend, and hunt down a bottle of Stella Rosso.

I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed.


Side Note: I receive no compensation for the shout out to Stella Rosa wines. I am nobody to them. I just want to share the best of things with my peeps…that’s all 🙂