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Today I have an exciting announcement!

I have officially launched in to the world of freelance writing!! Woo Hoo!

It’s funny how things come together. I never imagined I would do anything special with a knack for writing (other than my blog, which I happen to think is super special!). Then circumstances on this wild ride of life pushed me to think differently and step outside my comfort zone. Who would ever have guessed that I would not only be a writer but a contributing author to a website with a target audience of men who are seeking resources on divorce??

I know, I almost have to pinch myself to be sure this isn’t a dream. Here’s my ‘featured author’ badge to prove it!









So, here’s the deal: Guyvorce is the Man’s Ultimate Source for Everything Divorce. A super classy and well put together website that really strives to provide information and resources to men as they navigate through this significant life change.

My recent contribution is an article on Mental Health Awareness for Kids and I’d love for you to check it out. You can do so by clicking this link to the article.

Swing over and check it out, then pop back over here and let me know your thoughts.

Happy Friday & Best Wishes For the Weekend!


Garden 2017, PLUS Greenhouse Reveal!

The garden 2017 reveal has been a long time coming, I know.

I’ve hinted at, mentioned and even promised a reveal. All this time you’ve been kept in waiting.

And now that I’ve finally captured some pictures I’m ready to show you not only how fabulously all the plants are coming along, but also give you the first look at the beautiful and amazing greenhouse my hubby built for me (talk about a labor of love!).

As you may or may not know, I have a large garden space in our large’ish back-yard. The garden space existed when we moved in but it’s undergone some major changes over the past few years.  Just last summer we got the permanent plastic on the greenhouse! Even through all the work, we haven’t missed a summer of fresh veggies!

So, here it is, as seen from the roof of our covered patio:

That’s right, I crawled up on the roof, sans shoes, because I’m a daredevil like that…and because I love ya and wanted to be sure you could really take it all in. (side note: my father would be shaking his head about the bare foot roof climbing thing, so we’ll keep that our little secret).

The greenhouse stands about 15’x12′, and there is still lots of room for planting outside. I take advantage of this because some things do just as well, if not better, outside. Other things do better inside, plus I can extend their growing season.

Planted Outside the Greenhouse:
corn (3 rows)
brussels sprouts (6 plants)
cabbage (5 plants – there were 6 but tragedy struck for one and we lost it)
zucchini (1 plant)
squash (1 plant)
okra (5 plants – I planted a whole row and this is what we ended up with)
green beans (1 row)
tomatoes (4 plants)
dill (coming up wherever it pleases, because that’s what dill does)
basil, cilantro, rosemary & oregano (1 pot of mixed herbs)
Note: I also have pumpkins and asparagus planted outside but they’re in a different area of the yard than the garden.

Planted Inside the Greenhouse:
tomatoes (6 plants)
peas (1 row)
bell peppers (6 plants total, 2 each: red, green, yellow)
cucumbers (3 plants)
green beans (2 rows)
purple & wax beans (1 row)
carrots (2 pots)

Here’s a closer look of what’s cookin’ inside the greenhouse:

Everything is really coming along nicely. Last week I picked beans until I couldn’t take it any longer! I ended up with a three gallon bucket, overflowing! It was perfect for fresh eating, sharing AND canning. Yesterday I noticed some tomatoes starting to turn red (woo hoo!) and I’ve picked a couple cucumbers and squash at this point.

Won’t be long before we’ve got veggies coming out of our ears…and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

How are your gardens coming along this year?




Garden Treat: Purple & Yellow Wax Beans

Happy Friday!

It’s always so nice when a short week, thanks to the holiday, comes to a close. Even though it was a week short on working days, it felt loooonnnngggg. Managing people is sometimes THE WORST!

The good news is that the weekend is on the horizon, the weather is beautiful and the garden is starting to boom. How about these beautiful beans I picked a couple days ago?

Purple and yellow wax beans.

My plan for planting these was with a 3-bean salad in mind. With this being the first harvest of the season, though, there wasn’t enough to get my salad on. So, I went super simple with how to make sure these were enjoyed…washed, raw and dipped in hummus.

I don’t often think about eating beans raw. Or, ever. I don’t ever think about eating green beans raw. I would get on board with the idea of having them blanched, chilled and on a relish tray though. But, let me let you in on a little secret: purple beans lose their vibrant and gorgeous purple color when they are exposed to heat (i.e. cooking). At that point they are simply green beans and what’s the fun in that?

As a result, this time around, I tested my ideals of bean preparation and consumption, passed on the preparation (other than washing) and ate them raw. They were perfect! Purple beans honestly don’t taste all that different from green beans, but the mind can sure play tricks on a person! I felt like I was enjoying some rare delicacy!

I think next time I’ll slice them up and add them to a salad. Can you even imagine how beautiful that will be??

Enjoy your weekend!