Queso Chicken with Rice & Beans

Mexican Food + Versatile Dish = Speakin’ My Language

I could probably eat some variety of Mexican food nearly every day and my heart would be content.

I mean, what’s to hate about a genre of food that pairs exceptionally well with margaritas?

And you know that I loooooove dishes that are versatile (i.e. can be made in bulk and serve the purpose for several different main dishes).

Queso chicken with rice and beans checked all these boxes, plus was super yummy.

I worked off a recipe from Sweet Little Bluebird, changing things up just a touch AND added rice and beans because 1) they are delish and 2) they stretch a dish further, making them go the distance with very little added cost.

For this particular meal I rolled the queso chicken with rice and beans into large flour tortillas, wrapped them individually in foil and warmed them in the oven come dinner time.

The cheese sorta bound everything together so my kids were able to get through the meal without an exceptional mess (even after eating the from the tucked in end to start rather than the cut end). So, that was a secondary win that wasn’t necessarily anticipated.

Other ideas for this dish? Tacos. Quesadillas. Nachos. A salad topper (no additional dressing needed). Or you could even eat it right out of a bowl with a fork…it’s just that good.

And, did I mention simple? The crockpot does 90% of the work!

Queso Chicken with Rice and Beans

A simple crockpot chicken with many main dish options…burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, salad topping…and more!
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: chicken main course
Servings: 9 burritos


  • 3 lbs chicken breast
  • 1 can original rotel
  • 1 can chopped green chilies 8oz
  • 1 envelope taco seasoning
  • 1 jar cheese sauce use your favorite, or whip up some at home
  • 1 cup taco/Mexican rice prepared
  • 1 can black beans rinsed


  • Add all ingredients to crock-pot, minus the cheese sauce, rice and beans
  • Cook on low 3-4 hours, until chicken is cooked through and easy to shred
  • Drain off most of liquid leaving behind only a couple tablespoons
  • Shred chicken
  • Add black beans and rice, stir to mix
  • Add cheese sauce to cover all ingredients
  • Warm through and finish off as your heart desires….burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chicken taco salad, etc.

Movement Monday: Strollers & Warm Weather Strollin’ Tips

When I added a stroller to my baby gift registry, I focused on a double stroller.

I figured that with three kids in the mix, and the need to keep situations contained from time to time, the double would come in handy.

In fact, when we first got our foster kiddos, if it weren’t for a VERY well loved before us double stroller (seriously, it was near needing a trip to the dumpster), I’m not sure I could have managed.

I attempted ONE doctor appt with a single stroller in the first week of their arrival – which meant one was contained and the other trusted to be chill.

The appointment transpired something opposite of that, ending with an exploded sippy cup of juice all over the floor and the staff assuring me it was fine, they would clean it up (aka: they wanted me to get my tornado the heck out of their office) and giving me all the sympathy faces.

It was an epic cluster!

Along with needing containment for both of them during appointments, the screaming that rarely stopped seemed to subside a little if I was strolling them through the neighborhood.

Which meant a LOT of walking for me. A large contributor to my losing 15 lbs in just 3 short weeks.

Anyway, with a third on the way I thought it would be nice to have a new double stroller option to rely upon.

And we had been generously handed down a couple single stroller options that would suffice.

I haven’t used the new double stroller much at all – but we have gotten boat loads of use of the jogging stroller that was loved before us and then handed down for us to give it another round of life.

It’s not fancy. It has some rips, tears, stains and other chinks in its’ armor.

But it rides smoothly and baby boy is comfy with a new, clean stroller insert so there’s little to complain about.

What I really love about this stroller is that the sun shade adjusts all the way from the handle-bars to the drink/snack tray. This allows me to keep the sun off my little guy as well as the air flowing around him because it doesn’t get trapped in the back/top of the stroller under a shade that’s attached to the handle-bars.

Here’s a link to one very similar to what we have: Baby Trend Jogging Stroller

I did a quick search of top selling and reviewed strollers on Amazon – and they can be quite spendy to say the least. The stroller linked above can be picked up for under $100 right now. Plus, it posts good reviews with 4.5 stars!

And taking a note from my girl over at Move Better Mom Better, I ordered this battery operated fan to help keep my little dude from over-heating when we’re out and about and temps are climbing.

I always worry about how hot strollers and car seats can get for our little ones and about a month or so ago, Kristen had an awesome IG post with suggestions to keep the heat off the kids without scrapping the idea of the outdoor adventure all together.

One additional thing I like to do to ensure my little dude stays as cool as possible is to eliminate any unnecessary clothing. You betcha that we stroll in just a onesie sans pants!

Him. No me.

Hope you have a wonderfully wonderful week ahead – but before I go, can we please talk about these adorable chubby baby legs?

Friday Favorites: Trail Mix (plus Giveaway!)

I’ve been on the hunt for a long time for a trail mix that I can enjoy.

Just a little somethin’ to tide me over before dinner, or a quick snack (that won’t melt in the heat) when we’re on the go.

I don’t like raisins. Not even a little.

Why do 90% of trail mix options have to include these?

Even picking them out means that at least 1/3 of the bag goes to waste.

Okay, so not wasted because my kids will eat raisins BUT trail mix is expensive. Too expensive for picking out elements I just can’t stomach.

And I don’t necessarily need chocolate in the mix.

I’ve been scouring the pre-packaged options at the store and the bulk bins at Sprouts and there is just very little to choose from sans raisins.

In fact, I’ve found only ONE….


Enter Amazon.

Side Note: Isn’t it amazing that you can buy almost <literally> anything on amazon?

I came across these two varieties and am in love.

Mega Omega (Walnuts, Dried Mango, Almonds, Dried Cranberries & Pumpkin Seeds) and High Energy (Dried Pineapple, Cranberries, Papaya and Banana Chips with Walnuts, Cashews and Coconut) **Affiliate Links**

The right combination of dried fruit, nuts and seeds. No raisins and no need for chocolate because the dried fruit is all the sweetness my taste buds require.

Wanna know what I’m extra hyped about?

The price!

Less than $5 per 14 oz bag!

AND they deliver to my door.

I am so pumped up about my new found HEALTHY snack that I’m gonna give a bag away (and this is NOT a sponsored post from the makers – this is just Simply Writeous giving back to supporters of the blog)!!

To enter the giveaway, simply follow the blog:

And if you’re already subscribed, drop a comment on this post <below> to enter!

I’ll randomly pick a winner on August 30th – so be sure to sign up before then!!

Affiliate Disclaimer:  I receive a small compensation for products you may purchase via an affiliate link on my blog. THANK YOU for supporting my blogging journey in this way!  BUT, the opinions on the products are my own. I NEVER recommend, or link to products that I am dissatisfied with.