A Week Away

I disappeared for a week or so and ran my littles out to Nebraska for a stay at grandma’s.

The older kids also tackled a weeks worth of private swim lessons.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the lessons given their ages and their never really having been exposed to a big pool scenario.

But, they took to water like fish (or sharks, or alligators – depending on which one you ask) and I was pleasantly surprised with what they accomplished.

They were even game on two very chilly days where temps barely stretched over 60 degrees and the wind was blowing. I’d have totally bowed out but they pressed on full of excitement. Their teachers were the best sports; it had to be absolutely miserable for them!

By the way, it’s the end of June and we’ve has as much cool (and wet) weather as we’ve had warm. Did the memo that it’s SUMMER get lost somewhere?

Anyway….we are back home now and working to get back into the regular routine plus tackle an overly long to-do list.

Today I have double crock-pots working in the kitchen.

One with chicken breast that was on sale that will be cooked, shredded and tucked away in the freezer (read about it in this post).

The other with our dinner.

I’ve got some recipes coming your way this week and maybe another garden update pending how that to-do list comes along….

In the meantime, enjoy this beauty that waited until I got home to burst into full bloom. It’s my favorite rose bush on the property. I’m quite thrilled I got to see it in full action (the first bloom is always the most magnificent).

Catch up with you later….


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