Born and raised in rural Nebraska, I am a transplant currently living  in Colorado with my husband and two foster-adopted children (ages 4 and 3) and biological son (age 1).

Always knowing my heart was in the home, I stepped away from full-time work in the world of mental health to focus my attention on my young family. It’s not quite the rich and fabulous housewife gig I originally dreamed up…it’s more “this IS my circus. These ARE my monkeys”.

Somehow, we manage. And it’s fabulous in its own unique way.

My heart also chases after Jesus so spending time learning and growing in relationship is top priority. Beyond that and donning my circus leader hat, I love getting lost in a really great book, cooking and eating delicious (celiac safe: diagnosed late 2019, lucky me!) food, laughing, working in my yard, learning the art of food growing/preparation/preservation, and DIY projects (mostly with my littles, because that’s what I have time for these days!).

These loves in my life help me to keep my sanity (in an insane world), and provide fuel for the fire that is Simply Writeous.

Oh! Yea! And, I write. For hobby here on the blog as well as for hire in the freelance world.

Hit me up via my Contact page if you have a writing need I might have experience or expertise (see my blog and remember my background in mental health – I stepped away but haven’t lost touch).

I’d love to hear from you!