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Spring Cleaning Bedrooms Plan

How are you coming along with your Spring Cleaning? Did you knock out those bathrooms that we chatted about last week in this post? Bathrooms are my second least favorite to <spring> clean. That’s why I try to tackle them first. Let’s move on to an area that isn’t as terrible and then we’ll circle back to my least favorite…the kitchen! I share with you today my plan for Spring Cleaning Bedrooms!

Again, our houses aren’t all the same and you may need to add or delete from my spring cleaning bedrooms plan to fit your needs. This is really meant to get your wheels turning so you can devise your own plan. And, hopefully, help motivate you to action!

A couple notes:
I do not address bedroom closets as part of this round of cleaning – that comes another time.
If you have carpets (as I do) the Spring is a great time to consider a deep shampoo clean. A warm day when windows can be thrown open make for perfect opportunity. This task is on my list for another time as well.

Today the spring clean bedroom plan focuses on just those four walls surrounding the space you sleep in. And trust me, it’s more than enough work for one day – or week – or two weeks – depending on how many bedrooms make up your house!

Spring Clean Bedroom Supplies Needed:

  • Glass cleaner
  • All purpose cleaner (a concentrated formula, without bleach, for the bedrooms is my preference)
  • Mr Clean magic eraser
  • Rags (either disposable or those that can be washed and re-used. Old cut-up t-shirts, wash cloths or small towels darner my collection)
  • Small bucket for water/cleaning solution
  • Furniture polish
  • Paper towels
  • Broom
  • Basket for items not belonging in bedroom
  • Trash bag
  • Step-stool
  • Washing Machine/Detergent/White Vinegar
  • Kitchen Sink/Hot Water/Dish Soap
  • Iron/Ironing Board
    Tips/Tricks: I like to keep my most commonly used Spring Cleaning items in a tote so they are mostly gathered anytime I start a new room. 

Spring Cleaning Bedroom Plan of Attack

  1. Start by taking down the curtains and strip bed down to the bare mattress (i.e. sheets, blankets, mattress pad covers, etc.). Also remove globes from light fixture.
  2. Fire up the washing machine with the above items (double check that your curtains and duvet covers can be washed at home vs dry cleaned). You may need to do several loads pending the size and colors of the items involved.
  3. Fill small bucket with warm water and all purpose cleaner.
  4. Fill kitchen sink with hot, soapy water and allow globes from light fixture to soak.
  5. Run broom across all 90 degree angles in room (i.e. where walls meet ceiling, corners of walls) to knock down any cobwebs
  6. Using a dry rag, knock down gathered dust from ceiling fan.
  7. Using a damp rag, wipe down ceiling fan blades. Hit the light fixture and any décor that can be wiped down while you’re at it. Don’t forget the tops of door jams, window trim, and baseboards. Set bucket and rags aside when done.
    Tips/Tricks: Work from ceiling to floor with dust removal so you aren’t dirtying areas already cleaned.
  8. Address any lingering marks on walls with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.
  9. Plug in vacuum and using attachment with brush, vacuum off blinds and lampshades.
    Tips/Tricks: our blinds are fabric, if yours aren’t you will want to give them a wipe down with a wet rag.
  10. Use glass cleaner to wash any windows and mirrors.
  11. Return to laundry room and hang curtains outside to dry (or toss into dryer). Start another load, if needed.
  12. Stop by kitchen sink and wash light fixture globes. Set aside to dry.
  13. Vacuum carpet, including under bed and any other furniture that doesn’t sit flush with the floor.
    Tips/Tricks: if your bedrooms allow for re-arranging of furniture, this is an excellent time to do so, vacuuming all areas of carpet as you go
  14. Polish furniture with furniture polish and clean rag
  15. Iron curtains and duvet cover (if needed)
  16. Re-hang curtains and make bed with freshly laundered linens
  17. Return light fixture globes to light fixture.
  18. Gather cleaning supplies and put away in their storage spot. Run trash outside (if you had any).
    Tips/Tricks: rags that I will be laundering gather in a basket once they have dried in the laundry room and once I complete all Spring cleaning I wash one load – with bleach. Yes, that’s a LOT of rags. 
  19. Address items in “other room” basket.
    Tips/Tricks: I put away items that belong somewhere else IF that ‘somewhere else’ is where the item actually lives. If it doesn’t yet have a permanent home I leave it in the basket until a permanent home can be created — otherwise clutter is created elsewhere in the house and the item(s) are likely to end up back in that basket as I’m Spring Cleaning through the house

Fewer steps than the bathrooms and bedrooms should go quicker with exception of waiting around for laundry to get finished. With this in mind, keep track of the laundry and rotate as immediately as you can to shorten the process as much as possible.

Who is ready to get to work on those bedrooms this upcoming week (or weekend, or whatever)?

Keep me posted on your progress!

Oh! And one more reminder! May Day is right around the corner. If you’re looking for a weekend project with the kiddos – May Day Baskets are where it’s at!!


Bedroom Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

National Teach Children to Save Day

I am sometimes astonished at how many adults struggle to maturely and effectively manage their money. Truth is, the value of money, and how to manage it, is a lesson best learned at a young age. And today, in honor of National Teach Children to Save Day, I want to share a simple formula and system for teaching fiscal responsibility to children.

As promised in my last post where I announced the giveaway winner for the Spring Cleaning planning cards. Another CONGRATS to Mary and special thank you to all my followers!

National Teach Children to Save Day. A day of recognition I wish got more attention and publicity.

How many people make a conscious effort to teach their children about saving, from a young age?

I don’t recall my parents sitting me down for a discussion on fiscal responsibility. What I do remember is a question posed to me from my mother, which continues to ring in my head today. “What do you have to show for the money you spent?”.

I grew up in a small down and at a pretty young age was granted permission to walk to our little downtown shopping area by myself. Well, generally with a neighborhood friend. Within close walking distance was a fuel station and a little department store by the name of Alco. With a small amount of money in hand we would set off on our shopping adventures and return home with…junk. Mostly candy. Sometimes blue press on nails.

With candy quickly ingested and press on nails lost within a matter of hours, the point my mom made was a valid one. In almost no time I had nothing to show for the money I’d spent.

Teach Children to Save: Giving/Saving/Spending Formula

I tend to like this formula when it comes to money allocation:
Giving 10% + Saving 15% + Spending 75% = 100%

For adults with many monthly financial obligations, or older children who may have a monthly bill or two they are responsible for, it’s the leftover money that’s allocated per the above formula.

Adults know the benefit of having some savings cushion for unexpected expenses. If children are taught early, they not only learn this invaluable skill but will also have a nice bit of padding when they enter their adult years.

Regardless of how your children “come into” the money they possess (allowance for extra chores, babysitting, monetary gifts for birthdays, etc.), consider talking with them about the above formula and set up a system for keeping track. Here’s a simple idea:

Mason jars with the following labels: Save, Give, Spend.

As children acquire money, take time to calculate how much will go into each jar. Pending the age of your child, you may also open a savings account in their name and deposit their “save” money monthly/quarterly/annually.

A careful reminder for the kiddos: money in their spending jar doesn’t necessarily mean they run right out and spend every dime. On the contrary, this money may well be saved up over time for something they desire to buy.

Learning to save toward a goal (which is not the same as the ‘save’ jar where the point is to build up a cushion for an unexpected or significant expense down the road) is another invaluable lesson. Parents must be careful not to make every purchase for every little thing their child desires, otherwise the value of money isn’t learned.

If Giving hasn’t been part of the equation you are familiar with, I encourage you to consider this addition. It’s character building when children learn the gift of giving. It’s also an awesome opportunity to engage your child in conversation about those less fortunate. You can really make an event out of giving with your child as well.  Something they help choose, that is hands on and fun can motivate future giving.

Maybe you don’t have time for a conversation with your little ones about Giving/Saving/Spending today – but I encourage you to make time. Soon! And for those whose kiddos are a touch too young (younger than 4 years of age), be thinking about your plan for teaching children to save in the future.

Anyone have other suggestions/tips/tricks used for teaching children to save? We’d love to hear from you – comment below!


Giveaway Winner Announced!

I kinda left ya hanging there, didn’t I?

I announced a giveaway and promised the winner would be named on Friday.

And then Friday came and went.

No winner announced.

Nothing posted on Simply Writeous.

Did she forget?

I didn’t.

It’s actually been on my mind frequently since Thursday night.

We’ve had a rough couple weeks with our sweet <sweet like a sour patch kid> baby girl and I was preparing for weekend company and honestly the wheels just sorta fell off.

So…here I am.

Monday morning.

72- hours late.

MARY! Mary, dear! YOU are the winner of the SimplyWriteous giveaway!!

Congrats!! Hit me up with your address so I can get your pretty Spring Cleaning Planning Cards in the mail.

Apologies for the late announcement, and thank you to all my peeps who love me and love following my blogging journey enough to have my posts land in your inbox.

If you’ve not signed up to follow the blog – but wish you would – it’s simple. Just enter your email address and click the button. You’ll receive a verification email which is another 1 click and you’re all set! I never SPAM you. Not with that gross canned ham or email nonsense.

Did you know that tomorrow is National Teach Kids to Save Day? I love the idea and wish there was more publicity behind it because learning the value of, and how to manage money is something best learned at a young age. I’ve got a creative idea you can implement with the young ones in your life so be sure to check back in tomorrow!


Fireworks Photo Credit: Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash