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Book Review: Discerning The Voice Of God

Ever heard someone talk about how they’ve heard from God. Or that God has laid it upon them…. Or that God has put it on their hearts…. ??

And as these words have washed over you, you’ve wondered, “really?”. How do you know? How do I do that? I want to hear from God, too!

I found myself in that place several years ago.

Struggling with a decision and fighting uncertainty about what thoughts were mine and which were sent from Him. Paralyzed by fear that I would make the “wrong” decision. Wanting desperately to ensure I aligned with His Will for my life because the ripple effect of the decision was HUGE. Wishing that He would just communicate to me in such an obvious way that it simply couldn’t be missed.

Burning bush anybody?

I’d heard people talk with certainty about how they hear from God all the time and struggled to understand why I never did.

And I NEEDED to, right now!

Enter: Discerning The Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer

I cannot describe the impact these words contained within this book made on my life – almost immediately. And as I worked through the book… journaling, reflecting, sitting in quiet…one chapter at a time, my mind was blown!

This book has probably taught me more than any book I’ve ever read and propelled my growth and walk with HIM into another dimension.

Instead of being one of those reads that winds up on a shelf collecting dust, or tossed in a box for donation when attempting to minimize becomes a priority, it’s served as a reference guide.

I return to it (as well as my journal entries) often.

I’ve shared bits of wisdom from within with others.

If you’re struggling to hear from God – regardless of where you are in your walk – this one is for you.

Wondering what happened with the important decision I needed to make?

As time ticked on and a decision deadline was nearing (and I was no where near through done reading this book) I simply prayed that he would take all decision off the table. If yes _______, if no _______.

Turns out, the answer was “no”, and when that time came so much peace and relief washed over me that I cried. His involvement and hand in it all was obvious.

I continued my study and growth in seeking to really hear Him, and now, I feel more confident in my ability to do so. The key is to stay close in my relationship and growth with Him and find time to simply be still.

Get your copy ASAP and, so long as your heart is open to it, prepare to be changed and/or renewed in monumental ways!

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