Book Review

Book Review: Fearless Parenting by Sarah Blount

“Why would I even want to bring a child into this wicked world?”.

Words uttered from my very own mouth. Words I wasn’t quite convinced of but my struggle to have children left me grasping for all the reasons why it would be better if I just didn’t…

Even though God had really laid it on my heart.

But seriously, why?

So much pain, disaster, acts of evil that leave brokenness and death in its wake…

Perhaps one of the reasons this book pulled me in so quickly is because a variation of that same question came right at the beginning.

Words I identied with…then…and now.

Because this world is filled with evil and we are ALL impacted – even <or maybe even especially> children.

It’s one of the things that makes me crazy angry with Satan: that he can’t just leave these young and innocent souls alone.

Fearless Parenting challenges this thinking.

Not a challenge that the thinking isn’t accurate, for evil most certainly does seek to steal, kill and destroy…at every turn…and ignorance is most certainly NOT bliss where this is concerned.


To move forward parenting without fear.

To give your kids the resources to GO OUT (<— which doesn’t mean keeping them isolated in a protective bubble at home) and BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world.

Our children’s purpose is to be Salt, Light & Love.

But, what does this mean? And how do I teach them?

I can’t give away all the goodies contained within but I can tell you that this is an excellent and easy read (I tore through it quickly – but only allowing myself one chapter at a time so as to allow the words to really sink in before moving on).

I can also tell you that some of my own fear about what to do with my children eased when I began to view things through a different lens – as I was able to get determined about the good my kids can do in this world if I make wise choices about what I teach them and what I expose them to.

No longer am I worried about whether or not to send my children to public school. No longer am I worried about being in “the best school district”. No longer am I worried that my children’s intellectual or athletic or artistic/musical abilities, etc. will line up “age appropriately”.

What I am concerned about?

Ensuring they are equip to head out into this world and blaze trails for Jesus. To be change makers utilizing the unique and wonderful gifts they’ve been given. To stand up for what is right. To emit love. To function with integrity.

I could go on and on…

Highly recommend you pick this one up and give it a read – no matter where you are in the stages of parenting.

It’s worth the purchase. I’ve got mine lined up with my other Spiritual Growth resources and promise I’ll be returning to it as my children age and enter that next stage in their lives.

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