Book Review: Follow You Home by Mark Edwards

My love of reading started at an early age.

I have fond memories of curling up by the wood fireplace in the living room at my parents house, during my elementary, middle and high school years, book in hand.

And the long stretch of time in college and beyond when I didn’t have cable TV (because I opted for groceries instead), thus had a lot of time on my hands to devour a novel.

Periodically I have had periods of time when making time for reading stopped. I can’t even really explain why. It just did.

And I’ve come off a VERY LONG novel reading hiatus.

Like, years.

In that time I’ve tore through some Christian/Spiritual reads but even that has been few and far between.

Only recently have I gotten back in to reading – novels – for pleasure.

It’s part of my new “take some time for YOU” plan (and all you mama’s out there know what I’m talking about and how hard those moments to take time for yourself are to come by).

Since I’m back in reading action, I thought maybe I’d share my reading lineup (as it occurs, of course) in form of book reviews here on the blog.

So…here goes it….

Downloaded this one just before some scheduled downtime (i.e. long wait sitting in a waiting room downtime) because I knew I’d need a good distraction to get through that day:

Follow You Home by Mark Edwards is a super creepy, psychological thriller. The kind where you almost wonder about the imaginative workings of the author and get yourself to bed wayyyyy too late because you just can’t put it down.

The book unravels the most horrifying experience of a couple on vacation, followed by some intense post traumatic stress when they returned home, with so many unpredictable events unfolding around every turn of the page.

I’m generally quite versed in accurately guessing the ending of stories (and movies) but this one had me totally stumped until the very last shock to wrap up the story.

A seriously good read PLUS it’s part of the Amazon Prime Kindle Unlimited line-up if you’re on board with that. Or you can grab up a paperback version for under $12

Here’s a quick (affiliate) link: Follow You Home

If you take a chance on this one (and I highly recommend that you do) – pop back over to the comments section here on the blog and let me know what you thought!

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