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Book Review: Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

Reading for pleasure is something I definitely enjoy but tend to fall in and out of doing regularly.

It’s the seasons of life, I guess.

This particular season of life is lending itself to the need for a distraction from the distraction…

It’s been said a million times, but we are in the middle of something quite uniqe. Very scary. Lots of unknowns. Shifting to survival mode (some of us more than others, pending who we are “locked down” with).

Right now life revolves around how I am going to keep my very needy kids entertained while managing the behaviors AND keeping my sanity.

Suffice to say that my thinking is more distracted now than ever. The usual routines are out the window including the way I generally keep our house adequately (but reasonably) stocked with food and other necessities. Forget my routines for keeping up with chores…those are long gone!

And so I’ve returned to reading for pleasure (versus reading for spiritual growth – which I’m also still doing but at a much slower pace because the focus is hard to come by).

Because the brain power for much else is also out the window – along with our “normal”.

Stillhouse Lake is my most recent read…and…wow!

Another psychological thriller with suspense sprinkled all along the way.

This one grabs you from the very beginning, leaves you in awe of how grotesque the evil in this world can be and in admiration of the lengths a woman will go to protect her children.

I know, I know…it’s fiction.

But let’s be honest – this isn’t such a far stretch from what could (and maybe is) going on somewhere in the world.

So you find yourself rooting for this main character and admiring what a bad-ass she’s become while rising above the circumstances.

And I’ve gotta tell you: I had a major detail figured out before the end BUT couldn’t put this one down without reading until the last words.


PS: This one is part of the Amazon Unlimited for Kindle line-up (as are the other 4 books in the series – which I’m not yet privy to)…and if that’s not something you’re currently connected with, the price for kindle purchase dropped since just yesterday and you can pick this one up for just a couple bucks.

Worth. It!

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