• Simplify Kid Lunches

    Kid Lunches: Ideas to Simplify Mealtime

    Maybe it’s a silly thing to worry myself with but I work really hard NOT to serve the same kid lunches day in and day out. Some might argue that if you find a kid lunch they eat without complaint, what’s the harm in serving that same lunch on repeat? Honestly? Nothing. There is nothing wrong with this approach for kid lunches. My kids, particularly the older two, set the bar VERY HIGH for eating a large variety of healthy foods. They aren’t ever picky. The tendency to fight eating typically comes from wanting to power struggle (which I simply don’t do anymore). BUT I’ve also noticed that once they…

  • Parmesan Rice Side Dish Recipe

    Parmesan Rice Side Dish Recipe

    Parmesan rice has been a game changer at dinner time and let me tell you why: EVERYONE LOVES IT. Even my husband who has always tolerated rice but never really liked to have it show up on his plate. Flavors of garlic, marsala wine and parmesan cheese come together to create this amazing Parmesan Rice Side Dish that’s sure to be a hit in your house as well! Pair this rice side dish with a favorite grilled meat and Roasted Asparagus for a complete – and delicious – meal. Keep pantry staples fresh and beautifully displayed on open kitchen shelving with this fun assortment of jars:

  • Potato Rounds Recipe

    Potato Rounds (Plain & Loaded)

    Potato rounds are easy-peasy compliments of one of my favorite kitchen tools that you don’t need but definitely should have: a food processor. With the option to cut perfectly uniform slices time is saved and everything cooks evenly in the oven (unless your oven is a million years old, like mine, and doesn’t heat evenly so a little pan rotation is in order). The kids love this side dish referring to them as “potato chips” and when they’re loaded they’re simply referred to as “yummy”. What busy mama doesn’t want easy-peasy, time saving and kid loving? I see you! I got you! This potato rounds recipe is for you! I…