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A Week Away

I disappeared for a week or so and ran my littles out to Nebraska for a stay at grandma’s.

The older kids also tackled a weeks worth of private swim lessons.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the lessons given their ages and their never really having been exposed to a big pool scenario.

But, they took to water like fish (or sharks, or alligators – depending on which one you ask) and I was pleasantly surprised with what they accomplished.

They were even game on two very chilly days where temps barely stretched over 60 degrees and the wind was blowing. I’d have totally bowed out but they pressed on full of excitement. Their teachers were the best sports; it had to be absolutely miserable for them!

By the way, it’s the end of June and we’ve has as much cool (and wet) weather as we’ve had warm. Did the memo that it’s SUMMER get lost somewhere?

Anyway….we are back home now and working to get back into the regular routine plus tackle an overly long to-do list.

Today I have double crock-pots working in the kitchen.

One with chicken breast that was on sale that will be cooked, shredded and tucked away in the freezer (read about it in this post).

The other with our dinner.

I’ve got some recipes coming your way this week and maybe another garden update pending how that to-do list comes along….

In the meantime, enjoy this beauty that waited until I got home to burst into full bloom. It’s my favorite rose bush on the property. I’m quite thrilled I got to see it in full action (the first bloom is always the most magnificent).

Catch up with you later….


Bereaved Mother’s Day

Yesterday, May 5th, was Bereaved Mother’s Day.

And I missed it.

Kind of.

I missed it in the sense that I didn’t blog about it, or at all, yesterday. I figured a day late wouldn’t make it any less meaningful.

But it’s important to me.

It’s important because I know this kind of pain.

I know it many times over.

I know the aching in your heart, and the tears that won’t stop. I know the pleading with God to ‘just please not’.

Not now. Not again.

And then….

I know that time passes and wounds heal, but painful scars forever remain.

And I know that people forget and move on and in some sense, mammas with babies in heaven are expected to also.

Until you’ve really ‘been there’ you just don’t know. You couldn’t possibly know. And I know this first hand, because I’ve been there.

Bereaved Mother’s Day, recognized internationally, began in 2010 and is ‘celebrated’ the first Sunday in May. I’ve yet to find a calendar that notes this important date of remembrance…but maybe someday…

In honor of mine who were taken too soon I spent part of my day basking in the glorious warm Colorado weather. Pushing my body to work in a way it hasn’t since going on bedrest all those months ago.

<hey sore legs and core this morning>

Covered in sunscreen, filthy from dirt and sweat, all the while with my miracle by my side.

Being outside and working in the yard/gardens is part of my self care. Getting to do so with the babe chatting at me from his stroller on this exceptionally beautiful and MEANINGFUL day was over the top.

And he boycotted any real naps so we spent extra time together…snuggling, and playing. Chatting and laughing.

Thanking God for this gift I never thought I’d receive.

Thinking about my fellow friends and family who’ve walked this tough road as well.

Wondering about how many more have experienced the journey and I don’t even know (and if your heart aches and you want me to know…for support, to love on you, to pray with or for you…reach out!)

Girls, I SEE you. I LOVE you. My heart BREAKS for you. I PRAY for you and your little angels.

But maybe even more significantly, I REMEMBER.


Photo Credit: Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

Just Short of A Year

Almost exactly a year since my last post.


You may have wondered what happened. Or maybe you determined I’m simply inconsistent (and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be wrong).

Allow me to share with you the situation, and maybe (just maybe) you’ll determine my inconsistency can be forgiven.

I had a baby!

You might be thinking “yea, yea. People have babies all the time”.

But, this was different.

It’s different because I’ve had a loooong and devastating pregnancy track record.

It’s different because I had a complicated and very high risk pregnancy to contend with that kept us on our toes, literally until our little guy took his very first breath.

Did you know that bed rest is still a thing?

It isn’t really…unless what you have going on throws doctors for such a loop that they go a little old school on you in fight for the little one (and mama, too, of course).

Our life officially went from crazy to downright circus status in early December (earlier, or later, than expected depending on how we look at it <—more on that another time) with three kiddos under the age of three.

I thought for a long while the blog might just be dead. Peacefully laid to rest. Outta sight and most certainly outta mind. A resource for me to look up some of my fav recipes I’d shared  previously when I hit a road block with my meal planning and need some cooking inspiration.

But recently, Simply Writeous has been on my brain.

Beckoning me. Calling me. Urging me back.

So here I am…..

A mama of a now 3 year old girl, 2 year old boy, and 4 month old miracle baby.

Slightly delirious from lack of sleep and in need of a 14 day nap.

Officially “off” dairy because the littlest one can’t handle it (I knew cheese made the world a better place, but I didn’t really KNOW until now. #thestruggleisreal).

Looking forward to being back in the writing game.