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New Year & Vision Boards

We are half way through the first month of our new year. Happy 2020!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and have had opportunity with the start of the new year for a little bit of rest and re-grouping.


Yea, me either.

Our holidays were wonderful but there’s been little in the way of rest and re-grouping. We’ve been clipping along at a pretty steady pace; riding in the new year on a wave of sickness but life moving forward as it does nonetheless.

So…I’ve been wondering…how many of you set resolutions for New Years? How many of you are still on track with resolutions you set? How many forego the setting of New Years Resolutions because…what’s the point?!?!

I once read the average resolution dissolves within the first two weeks – one month, at most.


Might a propose a different approach? Even if you set a resolution you’re still on top of. Or one that’s already tanked. Or skipped the resolution setting all together because you know yourself too well and didn’t want to even bother….

How about creating a vision board?

A tool I used a lot when working with adolescents in therapy: vision boards work in a similar way to other visualization exercises and are proven effective.

Visualization, put simply, is mental practice.

When we put in to practice very detailed and specific visualizations (pertaining to whatever goal) the same areas of the brain are activated as though we were physically doing the activity. It also increases motivation, confidence and self-efficacy.

Visualization primes the brain and sets us up for success!

Sports psychologists use visualization techniques with professional athletes all the time as performance enhancer.

That’s right. It’s science y’all.

When hung in a place often seen, a vision board takes us through a brief visualization exercise (whether we know it’s happening or not) every time our eyes meet with our masterpiece.

This year, rather than get all wrapped up in New Years Resolutions, I set out to create a vision board (mine actually ‘lives’ in a planner that I use daily).

Putting your dreams and desires out into the universe also has a powerful impact. Similar to speaking out loud daily personal affirmations, and having faith in that which is yet unseen.

Here’s the trick, though: while your board should certainly include material things you’d like to have, things you’d like to do and stuff you wish to accomplish, the board should focus more-so on how you want to FEEL.

Because lets be honest: when we FEEL our best, all those other things tend to fall in to place for one reason or another.

So…how about it? Ready to ditch the resolution for (or, at least add to the resolution with) a vision board?

Getting started is easy…..

Start by thinking about how you wish to FEEL in the coming year.
Brainstorm and jot down notes about what is most important to you: in the way of accomplishments, and things or experiences you want to have.

Then, find ‘stuff” to glue to your board that represents the ideas you have brainstormed. Magazines, old calendars, stickers, and brochures. I even used Christmas Cards before they were tossed in the recycling!

Your representations only need to make sense to you so don’t feel the need to find things that anyone would “get” without explanation. Also, don’t feel pressured to explain your board to anyone else…unless you want to, of course.

When finished, proudly display your board where you will see it often!

Re-visit your board as frequently as makes sense for you! If you quickly discover that your board isn’t serving as inspiration and motivation, or you are rapidly achieving what you have envisioned for the new year, have a do-over!

Don’t let fear of not being overly artistically inclined deter you from this exercise. Cast those fears aside and just start creating!!

The new year is a blank slate. How will you color it?


Photo Credit: Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Popcorn & Cranberry Garland

This is one of those projects I didn’t really have the time for this holiday season, but I’d been thinking about it for more than a month before the tree went up.

In an effort to get it out of my brain, I had to make it happen!

I have just a couple memories of making popcorn and cranberry garland for our Christmas tree growing up.

Just a couple because we only did it a couple of times.

I remembered why once I got started: it’s delicate work and time consuming.

The final product though….

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

It just can’t be argued.

It’s unique and adorable and fun and festive and…and…and…

I managed to find the time to complete this project during “wind down” time – mostly at the end of the day when an absentminded task and the fifth (sixth, seventh…) showing of Home Alone plays in the background on TV are just what the mind and body needs before going to sleep.

I also accepted that this would come together slowly. It took an entire week of working a little at a time before I finally finished!

This isn’t a project for little kids, regardless how great their fine motor skills have developed. The task is just too delicate (popcorn doesn’t stand up to being handled with anything than the gentlest of hands) and I stabbed myself in the finger with the needle more than once.

Hazard of the job I suppose.

But if you need a mindless – mindfulness – project that will give your tree the little extra somthin’ that it’s been screaming for since you put it up and decorated: this one is just what you’re looking for!

Popcorn and Cranberry Garland Supplies Needed:

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Large Bowl of Popped Popcorn – no need for buttery goodness
  • Fresh Cranberries

Popcorn and Cranberry Garland How To:

  • Measure thread to workable length and thread through needle (I like to double my thread strand for extra durability and my ‘workable length’ was about my wing-span)
  • Tie a thick “junk knot” in end of strand
  • Begin stringing popcorn and cranberries (I did 8-12 inches of popcorn, then cranberries, but there’s no hard fast rule here. You do what makes you happy!)
  • Once strand is finished, tie off the end and drape on tree
  • Continue until tree is fully adorned with your sweet handmade decor

Anyone else take on a project in the spirit of the holiday that they didn’t really have time for…but are soooo pleased that they bit the bullet?

Giveaway Winner & Pinterest Board Covers

Today I have two things on my blogging agenda. First, announcing the winner of the recipe card giveaway. Second, to share with you the Pinterest board covers project I’ve been hard at work on.

Recipe Card Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you to everyone who signed up to follow the blog. It’s a thrill to have you along for this ride. And an extra special thank you to those of you who took the extra two steps required to get your name in the drawing for the recipe card giveaway!

The winner is: cbowers161

Woo Hoo! Congrats!!  I will PM you on Facebook to get your mailing address and iron out the details of getting these shipped out to you!

Pinterest Board Covers

Did you have any idea that there are people out there who make money pinning on Pinterest? Well, there are. And apparently some of them make quite a lot doing so. I don’t quite understand all the science behind it, but some folks are making it work. Big time!

This writing journey that I am on has brought with it lots of opportunity to learn. It’s through this learning that I stumbled upon the “make money pinning” realization. I’m not setting out to make money pinning, though I think it’s such a creative and awesome idea. BUT one thing I took notice of while doing some research is how beautifully organized some of these Pinterest accounts are. The trick seems to be having uniform Pinterest board covers.

Always a sucker for organization and combining another skill I’m working to learn (simple graphic design) I set out to bring some organization to parts of my Pinterest account as well.

The process was super time consuming; probably because I’m such an amateur. Starting first with sourcing photos. Then working to format them in a way that brought some uniformity. This is what I ended up with:

So…what do you think??

If you don’t already, I’d like to extend an invitation for you to follow me on Pinterest (quick access by clicking here). I pin the majority of my blog articles (because it’s so easy to organize and reference from there) as well as other stuff that piques my interest. Also, if you are one of these rare gems that makes a fortune pinning, I think everyone would be interested in knowing who you are and how you got started — rock our worlds by leaving details in the comments below!