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First Fruits Given Unto Him

I used to really relish in my morning coffee with Jesus, on the deck, starting before dawn reading my Bible, devotionals, journaling, praying and watching the sun rise!

In fact, I used to look forward to my next day morning coffee starting mid-afternoon the day prior.

But this current season in life hasn’t been lending itself well to my giving of those first fruits to The Lord.

The first moments of the day that I was never guaranteed or owed, but that He has so graciously given to me.

In addition to the guilt I’ve felt about everything else, guilt began to settle in about this detail as well.

No longer able to drag myself out of bed quite as early as before…

Having to jump right to the races with the kids as soon as the sun begins to rise….

A mind that quickly springs into action with a million racing thoughts even before I want to be out of bed….

And even if I do manage to rise with time to spare before the kids are eager to start their day, I’m so unfocused that I simply cannot make the best of that time…

After several months of drifting and lagging in my spiritual growth I took this idea of ‘first fruits’ and laid it before The Lord.

Here’s what he revealed to me:

First fruits where this particular topic is concerned doesn’t necessarily have to mean “the very first thing you do with your day”. First fruits are intended to be offerings that are free of blemish (including your time).

Strive to carve out time for study, prayer, worship and growth during your BEST TIMES of the day.

Emphasis on TIMES.

It doesn’t have to be one certain time.

In fact BONUS if you’re able to find creative and unique ways to insert these things – with purpose and intention – throughout the day.

Times when it’s not simply background noise but when I have your attention.

With this burden lifted my study and growth is back on track!

–I listen to a Daily Prayer (compliments of Wild at Heart Ministries) while driving after dropping the kids off in the morning, when there is quiet in my car.

–I take the first moments after the baby has gone down for his nap to engage in prayer specifically for my husband and children…and whatever else is on the prayer list for that day.

–After nap when my little guy gets to watch an educational show (he usually picks ABC Train) I spend an hour reading (Bible, Devotional and other study)

–Worship music fills our home and vehicles almost constantly, and when the kids insist on listening to one of their silly kid CDs in the car – I pop my air pods in and turn on my own worship.

–I’ve been intentional about filling the news feeds of my social media accounts with positive and uplifting tidbits from The Word and I participate on social medial platforms that are Christian based throughout the day.

–Each night at dinner, we pray for the gifts He has given our family.

–As we tuck the kids in at night, we pray deliverance, safety, protection and growth over our children (and they send up their own prayers as well).

–And just before I tuck in for myself at night I pray a special Nightly Prayer (also compliments of Wild at Heart Ministries — with some modifications to fit our specific needs) over my home and family and include any additional requests and needs for prayer.

–Finally, as I drift off to sleep, I turn on the soothing sounds of Scripture Lullabies (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3)…the same music that plays in my children’s rooms all through the night.

Truth is, this simple shift in perception has allowed me to incorporate more of HIM in and throughout my day – the first fruits – and THAT is really what it’s all about!

How do you go about mindfully inserting God in to your day…prayer, worship, devotional, learning and growth?

Now behold, I have brought the first of the produce of the ground which You, O Lord have given me.’ And you shall set it down before the Lord your God, and worship before the Lord your God

Deuteronomy 26:10

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