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First Harvest 2019

Finally had the first harvest of the season.

It came late, but right on time according to my later than usual start that was partially due to the insane Spring weather (but more-so my inability to get my ducks in a row more timely).

I had every good intention of staying on top of the scaled back garden this year, but it just didn’t happen as per my original vision.

Part of that “staying on top” would have been re-planting things that weren’t doing well (or didn’t come up at all) in a timely manner. Making sure to give the plants a good dose of plant food regularly. Loosening the soil regularly to ensure a nice, good soak in of their daily drink of water. Getting seedlings started for fall planting.

But — life.

Am I right?

Sometimes life requires us to take a pause. A step back.

It requires us to prioritize (both with tasks and people).

It becomes necessity to quit doing things out of feeling obligated, and to set firm boundaries without allowing guilt to hover.

(side note: I’ve worked on the boundaries – still working on the guilt piece)

I would have liked to have tended more closely to my garden this summer, but I also desired some extra snuggles with my little man after a sleepless night. Or to get lost in a novel (the first I’ve read in a very long while) for an hour or so. Or make some meals for a friend stretched even thinner than I.

The garden will be what it will be this year….and maybe in 2020 it will be something incredible.

That’s yet to be determined.

In the meantime, we aren’t missing out on amazing BLTs or my very most favorite fresh green bean side dish recipe (and eventually fresh cucumbers, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, squash and zucchini).

Who knows? I might even get some canning done this year…but don’t hold your breath!

I’d love to know how the summer gardening is going for you all.

Give me a shout and fill me in on how your gardens are thriving (or not) this season.

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