Food. A Love Language?

Is food a Love Language?

I’m not sure it’s called out specifically in “The 5 Love Languages”, but it totally should be.

It is for me anyway.

For as long as I can remember, when I’ve felt “called” to help in some way, it’s almost been food related:

-Serving on the dinner crew once a month for the Salvation Army homeless shelter.
-Organizing (and continuing to serve) the monthly dinner crew for the shelter.
-Donations to the church food pantry
-Dropping meals on the doorsteps of friends in need
-Organizing meal trains for families finding themselves with hands fuller than they have time to prepare meals
-Handing out “just because” treats

So when I got the call that one of my dearest friends – a woman with a heart so big I don’t even know how it fits in her body – tested positive for COVID, I sprung to action.

It seemed almost an automatic response.

Because it’s my LOVE LANGUAGE.

And because this woman, who is quite possibly a super hero (7 kids: 3 biological, 3 adopted from foster care, 1 currently in foster care) is being forced to hang up her cape, at least for a pause in time.

I didn’t have to…but I did.

All she asked for were prayers.

I rounded up every prayer warrior I could think of and I asked them to move the request forward: prayers for the case to be mild, for quick and complete healing and for those unaffected within the household to have a shield of protection preventing any infirmity from entering their bodies.

And then I set to work in the kitchen:
–Pasta & Garlic Bread
–Soup & Salad
–Breakfast Burritos & Watermelon
–Cereal, Oatmeal & Milk
–A bottle of wine to celebrate healing
–A note and devotional

I didn’t have to…but I did. Because helping is what we are called to do. To use our time and talents for HIS glory. To hand out a helping hand…just because.

Did you know that August 27th is National Just Because Day?

It’s like a variation of National Day of Kindness and I love another reason to do something “just because”.

Can I encourage you to do the same? You have time to prepare! It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture…a call, text, or note go a long way! A surprise coffee or treat for someone special to you.

The possibilities are endless and there’s really no excuse!

Let us make this a happier place and shower our world with “Just Because” this August 27th!


  • Hillary

    Food, I think, is one of the most ancient love languages! What a wonderful way to show anyone love! Your friend, I’m sure, will be very blessed by your generosity – and her family as well. You’ve inspired me, too.

    • Hilary Doyle

      Inspiring others was absolutely my goal. I hope you found an opportunity to spread some love “Just because” as well.

  • Ashley @ Undoubted Grace

    So first of all food is my love language too!! I think we just became besties!! Secondly what a sweet gesture!! I love the idea of a day ti give just because. We’re currently watching my 13 yo niece and the experience has been a test of patience and perseverance but I definitely needed the just because day today as we’re all learning to give and recieve grace! Praying for a speedy recovery for your sweet friend!

    • Hilary Doyle

      I wish giving just because was more top of mind for everyone from sea to shining sea…but since it isn’t and we need these little nudges, I love when “national day of….” names a day to focus on giving/kindness/etc.

      I think food is a love language for many – maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to it in my giving?

    • Hilary Doyle

      I hope you were able to get out there with some “just because” gestures yesterday…or today…or tomorrow and that perhaps your acts will inspire others to pass it on!

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