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Forgiving What You Can’t Forget: Chapter 14 & Conclusion

Chapter 14: Living the Practice of Forgiveness Every Day

Whew! We made it!

Or do you feel like you’re just getting started?

For me, this book located me somewhere in the middle of the journey that I had already started…but was sort of wandering in the dark without a road map; worldly views and misconceptions making for confusion.

Biblical truths coming into focus has helped me to be at ease with the path I’ve travelled thus far, and gentle reminders that forgiveness isn’t a linear process where a finish line is crossed without ever a glance back. Rather, it’s a lot of back and forth. Progress and set-backs.

But the goal isn’t perfection – just progress.

And forgiveness is for every day!

Both to give and receive.

Isn’t that a relief? Knowing that progress is the goal?

I recognize where I need to be mindful and careful: softening of heart and re-shaping of perspective so that bitterness can’t take up residence in my world.

No longer wandering in the dark without a roadmap, I am now equip with directions and a flashlight.

Each day is an opportunity to do one thing a touch better, with growth to follow all the days forward.

We can dive deeper into the Word of God and use this as our guide and Lysa has provided a free tool to help with that process.

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The story doesn’t end here – not with past hurts and certainly not with those of the future – so let’s prepare ourselves for what is yet to come by practicing with what we’ve already experienced!


Dear Friends…
Thank you for being on this journey with me; for taking the time to read (and care) about my reflections as I worked through this book, and for daring to open your own wounds of hurt so healing can begin.

For those who dared to go a step further and share your own experiences with me along the way – extra thanks to you!!

I pray that each and every one of you (myself included) will find the peace that our souls so desperately desire. My wish is that life can become more uncomplicated as we begin to work on forgiveness before the offense even happens and that we will become masters of boundary setting: creating the space within which we can begin sorting through all the healing process requires.

It all starts with doing just one thing differently each day. Remember that list (pg 207-208)? Pick one thing and start there.

Feel your feelings but don’t allow those feelings, about whatever offense, the power to rule your life. God has bigger (and better) plans for you than that!

I sign off now sending you all the virtual hugs that the internet can hold…

And all the love too…from Colorado….


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