Reflections on Chapters 10 and 11
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Forgiving What You Can’t Forget: Chapters 10 & 11

Pouring over chapters 10 and 11, it became clear to me that I haven’t questioned or blamed God where the circumstances of my forgiveness journey are concerned.


That’s not to say that the content of these chapters didn’t hit home for me. They just did so about a totally different situation: the struggled road we walked to grow our family.

A different topic for a whole other time.

My journal entry for these two chapters, instead of being filled with thoughts of how these ideas pertain to the forgiveness I am working toward, is filled with bullets of my favorite take-aways from the reading.

That is what I will leave you with today…

Chapter 10: Because They Thought God Would Save Them

  • What makes faith fall apart isn’t doubt. It’s becoming too certain of the wrong things.
  • Many miracles are slow to form. The human eye often doesn’t detect slow miracles but today isn’t the whole story.
  • Our broken perception isn’t proof of a broken promise.

Hope is the melody of the future. Faith is dancing to that melody right now.

Jim Cress


Chapter 11: Forgiving God

  • Only God can see what’s missing in our lives as we ask for His provision.
  • Sin makes us think that all we see on Earth is all there is to know.
  • See what is in front of you as God’s answered prayer.
  • We don’t need to forgive or understand God to trust him.


Love and Hugs From Colorado,

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