Garden 2018: Kicking Things Off

Spring brings with it not only a host of inside spring cleaning projects, as I talked about in this post. It also brings a lengthy list of outside projects as well. It can be a delicate balance ensuring that the inside, as well as the outside tasks are completed. Colorado weather lends itself to this balance with weather shifts that force one inside, sometimes right after beckoning them outside. This week was no exception. The nice weather through part of the week made being outside irresistible. And so, we are kicking things off with Garden 2018!

Generally I wiggle with excitement at the start of my annual seedlings project.

This year I wasn’t quite as excited. Hence the reason you didn’t read one post about seedlings 2018 (spoiler alert: there aren’t any!).

I needed a new spot for growing. One of the two babes in my life has taken over the bedroom where the project has been executed <with much success> in the past.

I struggled to come up with anything, but eventually did. I wasn’t thrilled with the concept but decided I’d make it work for just one year. Then, I’d get my thinking cap on and come up with something better for 2019.

So…I got the first of the planting done and the area set up. Lights. Moisture. Heat.

My enthusiasm began to build.

And then…

The project ended in catastrophe even more quickly than it had started. And, I mean CAT-astrophe!

That’s right! Just a day after I finally got moving with the seedlings, the cat LITERALLY destroyed the whole thing. One BIG awful mess. It came on the heels of a particularly difficult day with the kiddos.

Defeat set in.

I scrapped the whole project.

I am not thrilled about having to purchase plants this year. It is rewarding beyond measure for me to start my own seeds but more than that – it’s so much more cost effective to go the seedlings route.

Sometimes push comes to shove. In this instance, feeling backed into a corner (and on my very last nerve – between the kids and the cat), I made the decision to forego seedlings for 2018. I’ve got a couple gift cards from the wellness program at work that will be designated for garden 2018 ‘stuff’ (including plants) and will be cutting some corners I don’t normally cut for the sake of cost-savings.

I’ll also probably be looking for some new and creative ways to make a dollar stretch that isn’t all about cutting corners. More to come on that!

So, back to Garden 2018.

We broke ground last Sunday!!

The soil has been tilled. Compost has been purchased. The first of my store-bought plants are acclimating in the greenhouse!

Technically, I probably could have the greenhouse planted by now. The weather ought to hold up from this point going forward without much in the way of really hard frost.


Busy schedules. Competing priorities. Illness and injuries.

The plants will go into the ground very soon. As will the seeds.

Right now I’m working on my plant mapping for garden 2018. The reason this is important is because it helps me keep track of where different plants have taken up residence year to year. Different plants pull different nutrients from the soil. Rotating what is planted, where – in addition to adding compost to the soil annually – helps ensure that plants will have everything they need to grow and produce.

Curious to know what all I have planned for garden 2018?

Check it out:

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