Garden 2019 In The Ground

I’ve been really antsy to get the garden planted. But….




Technically I’m not too far behind because the rule of thumb is Mother’s Day for planting. The idea is that the danger of plant killing frost will be behind us at that point. I love the theory, and I’ve also had to re-plant on more than one occasion due to plant killing frost post Mother’s Day.

So it’s still somewhat a gamble.

The growing season in Colorado, at this higher elevation, is much shorter than what I’m used to having lived in Nebraska. That was the reason for the greenhouse (or one of the reasons). In theory I should have been able to plant inside the greenhouse weeks ago…but I just couldn’t get it done.

The last couple days, despite running on very little sleep, the little man allowed me a few hours to get my hands in the dirt and the planting has begun!!

Garden 2019 is scaled back again this year, but probably the biggest change in my gardening world is that I gave up a sizeable piece of garden real estate for the kiddos.

You know you’ve arrived at parenthood when….

Honestly, dragging their toy house and slide all over when we needed to water and mow was getting to be a literal drag. And their various toys needed a better home than scattered across the lawn.

In my continued attempts to be a realist, I know that I just don’t have the time, energy and stamina to keep up the large size garden that I typically have. Truth is, I struggled before two…and then three…kiddos.

But — I can’t give it up entirely either.

My mouth waters with the thought of home canned green beans. My mind swirls with visions of stocked pantry shelves containing home grown and preserved pickles, tomatoes, tomato juice, tomato sauce…and the list goes on and on.

Plus, what I have planted will put me to task even in its scaled back state.

I didn’t start seedlings this year. There just wasn’t time or brain power with an infant in the mix. So the bulk of my garden was purchased in plant form this year. A few things went in the ground as seeds – because there just really isn’t another way.

So, here’s what’s on tap this summer (my hand-written list and map, straight outta my planning journal):

list of plants for this gardening season as well as a planting map for location of all plants.

The planting will continue over the next handful of days (maybe weeks pending weather and child cooperation). I’m curious though…how are your gardens coming along?



  • Jessica Lawson

    We plant a large garden every year (family of 7 here!) Time is always a challenge and weather always a gamble, but the kids are old enough to help out now which makes it possible! Trying to pray away nasty hail storms today! Everything just got planted yesterday so I pray it doesn’t all have to be redone.

    • HJ Ozborn

      The hail in Nebraska is a force to contend with, for sure. When I lived there I had a small garden with a greenhouse and the roof of the greenhouse came off once the temps got (and stayed warm); then I stretched a fine mesh chicken wire across the top…all with hail in mind. It didn’t totally remedy the issue but definitely slowed those little balls of destruction down! I remember one summer being one of the few people in town with tomatoes after a late hail storm swept through in August! Lots of prayers for hail to leave your hard work alone!!!

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