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Garden 2019 Update

It’s been a handful of weeks since I posted about planting the garden.

Truth is, I’m still working on flower beds, but all the veggies are in the ground and we are anxiously awaiting their bounty.

While the weather was a bit of a mixed bag this past weekend, we did enjoy some Vitamin D (complements of the sunshine) and I was able to snap some pictures of the beauty flourishing out back.

This gorgeous flowering bush was hidden under awful pine trees we had cut down a few years ago. I cut this guy wayyyy back and allowed him to re-group – and boy did he!

All of the pepper plants are sprouting flowers!!
ALL of the tomato plants inside the greenhouse are in flower mode! I can almost taste that fresh tomato juice and smell that pasta sauce simmering on the stove.
This year I planted sweet peas in a container with a tomato cage for them to climb up. This will allow me to do a second planting in the fall and simply move the container into the greenhouse (which gets much too hot in the summer for peas) on frost-ridden nights.
Oh how I love these lilies! I only wish they would flower longer!
Ahhhh the excitement when fruits appear! This is the cherry tomato plant – my kiddos will be THRILLED! They could live on cherry tomatoes!

What’s exciting in your gardens (veggie and/or flower)? Still planting or wrapped up that project days <or weeks> ago?

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