I’ve Been Cheating….

…on my laundry

Laundry is one of those chores that I have, historically, not minded one bit.

I might even have gone so far as to say that I enjoyed it.

There were times when I would load up my BFFs laundry, haul it home from work with me, and return it to her all clean and fresh. She didn’t have a washer/dryer and always raved about how much she loved how I folded all her stuff.

I’m not sure what was/is special about my laundry folding technique but…there you have it.

My how the tides have changed in my laundry world.

It’s not that I hate laundry, it’s that when you go from a household of 1 or 2 people to FIVE, it’s a whole different ballgame.

Admittedly, I don’t understand how or why there was such an increase as the clothes worn my the littles are, well, little.

But somehow laundry has taken over my life and I can’t quite stay on top of it.

I’ve been pondering for quite some time how I can change up my laundry game. Make it a more streamlined and efficient process.

And I’d not really landed on anything…until…

J was out of town for work for nearly 3 weeks. Just before he left I dove into the laundry task with all the vigor and tenacity required to knock that chore out!

But as you know, that lasts approximately 5 seconds…and then someone takes a shower, has a blow-out, or changes into PJs and suddenly the laundry basket is full.


Knowing I would be stretched even thinner managing this crew solo, and not wanting to have laundry haunting my every day, I gave something a try:

Shout Color Catchers!

I’ve been using them for all the baby’s laundry anyway since it’s washed separate from ours using different detergent.

And I had a thought: Why couldn’t they work for ALL my laundry in general?

Every other day (or even every 3 days depending on what we had in the mix) I had a full load of lights, darks, whites, and reds and I threw them ALL in a cold water wash with a sheet of color catcher.


One basket to haul down and then back up the two flights of stairs.

Washed. Dried. Folded. Put Away.

Not one thing was ruined (not even a delicate, white sweater that went through the wash with a red shirt), and the added cost was just 15 cents per load.

No heaping laundry basked waiting for my usual sorting scheme to come to full loads (I never wash partial loads – it seems a waste of time/energy/etc).

An additional 15 cents per load has been worth it for me to stay on top of this demanding chore. And with J home I might have to tackle a load every other day, or even daily but it’s sure been easier than spending entire days trying to get through all that mess!

So…maybe this isn’t as much cheating as it is stroke of genius?

I’ll let you be the judge…

And if you wanna jump on my bandwagon with making your laundry life easier, here’s a <affiliate> link to have your color catcher sheets delivered directly to your doorstep: Shout Color Catcher

Also know this: I am not an advertiser for Shout. They don’t know me from Adam. I’m just sharin’ with my peeps the small things that have made my life easier…and may be the secret you’ve been searching for too!

Cheating or Stroke of Genius? What do you think??


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Photo Credit: Photo by Nick de Partee on Unsplash

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