January Scripture Journaling: Forgiveness & Boundaries

Many of us don’t make time to be in The Word as often as we should (i.e. daily!).

Life is busy and carving out the time is difficult. Perhaps we do make the time but when we finally sit down, Bible in hand, we are so exhausted that we struggle to concentrate and focus…

When we examine our priorities and plan out our day (because there are only so many minutes in the day, right?), skimping on time with the Heavenly Father shouldn’t be where we make those cuts.

But often, we do.

I get it – so I want to offer a suggestion that allows a touch of simplification.

Scripture Journaling.

It’s a simple (and not overwhelming) way to get into The Word, to get quiet with The Lord, and to reflect on what HE might have for each of us as we sit with these words of truth from the living Bible.

Monday through Friday find a quiet space of time to read the scripture noted for the day, then take a moment to reflect and write about what The Lord is speaking to you through those words
(do the same in a year’s time with the same scripture and you may find He’s communicating something completely different!).

If nothing comes immediately to you, sit in quiet for a bit, re-read the scripture, and sit some more. Whatever is on your heart or in your mind – write it down.

Pray: either quietly to yourself or write it in your journal as well.

Use Saturday to catch up on any days you might have missed through the week, to dig deeper into something that really resonated with you, or to practice memorizing a verse that you want to ensure remains written on your heart.

On Sunday catch a sermon…live and in person or on-line!

The theme this month her at 3 Under 3 in 15 Months @SimplyWriteous.com is Forgiveness & Boundaries, so the scripture selections for journaling through January align with that theme in mind.

Here’s a free download of the PDF to tuck inside your journal or Bible:

I look forward to hearing any thoughts you might have on this process once you get started – or if this is something you already do and want to encourage others with your wisdom – and know that I’ll be here with my hot cup of coffee, journaling right alongside you!

And in case you need a fresh new journal to inspire….

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Love & Hugs from Colorado-

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