Look Back on January/Look Forward to February

January sort of snuck up on me, which is strange because I was SOOOOO ready to embrace the new year.

And now that it’s over I’m left with head spinning.

It was here – and then gone – in a flash!

I had to take a moment to re-visit all the goodness on 3 Under 3 in 15 Months @SimplyWriteous because there was SOOOO much and it happened so quickly that it almost seems a dream.

The theme of Forgiveness & Boundaries was HUGE this past month on the blog, Facebook and Instagram(<— follow me if you haven’t already!).

Here’s a January re-cap:

  1. Lysa Terkeurst brought it like the powerhouse that she is with Forgiving What You Can’t Forget – maybe one of the most game-changing/life-changing books I’ve read to date. I blogged my thoughts through the book and have captured them all on this Pinterest Page, alongside
    Get yourself a copy, grab a hot cup of coffee and your snuggly blanket, pull up my articles with thoughts on the various chapters and prepare to have your mind blown! (and lemme know if you do because I’d love your thoughts!)
  2. Personal stories were shared about the need to both Forgive AND set Boundaries: beautiful guest posts as well as a story of my own…
    When There’s Nothing Godly Left to Contribute: Boundaries
    Boundaries: Painful & Powerful
    When Remembering is as Important as Forgiving
    When Friendship Turns Painful
    Seven Reasons to Forgive When You Are Hurting
  3. We created Vision Boards for 2021 and I sent out an invite to join a private FB group for 2021 Visions/Goals/Support/Encouragement (<– link to join). It’s NEVER too late to start – or start over!!
  4. Food! Food! Food!
    –If you need inspiration for dinner through the month of Feb, I shared a meal plan complete with links to recipes
    –Recipes for the most amazing Hamburger Au Gratin Soup and Sautéed Veggies were posted PLUS a whole article featuring some of my favorite soup recipes as January is National Soup Month.
  5. I had an article featured on Her View From Home about the start of our fostering journey – rough road that it was. Check it out: Postpartum Depression Happens to Foster Parents, Too.

And now for a Look Forward into February:

So, if you’re wondering how we could possibly top all that was amazing in January as we head into February: fear not!

Love & Relationships is the name of the game here on 3 Under 3 in 15 Months @SimplyWriteous. So stay tuned for….

  • Scripture Journaling prompts on LOVE
  • More incredible guest posts.
  • Valentine activity inspiration for your little ones (complete with book recommendations and simple scriptures on LOVE).
  • Food!
  • Another must read: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

…..and more!

Here’s your link to a copy of the book that I’m convinced should be required reading for ALL couples:

Click Picture for Link

Looking forward to closing out one month and opening the chapter to another….with you along for the journey.

Peace out January! Hello February!!

Love & Hugs from Colorado,

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Photo Credit: Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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