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Love Languages: Which Is Yours?

As I turned page after page of Gary Chapman’s: The 5 Love Languages, confusion washed over me. Several of the love languages speak to me in one way or another.

But we can’t have multiple love languages, right?

Gary suggests that a person may have a primary love language alongside a secondary, but generally one of the languages should speak more loudly than all the others.

Thank goodness for the Love Languages Quiz or I may never have really identified which of the five best describes how to fill my love tank!

A copy of the quiz is located in the back of the book BUT there’s an even better online tool for this quiz taking: here’s the link.

There are several forms of the quiz pending your relationship status, as well as quizzes for your younger children and teens.

The online quiz will not only identify which of the love languages speaks most loudly (and clearly) in your life BUT will also show the five in order of how they appeal to you.

Just as I suspected: three of the love languages scored closely together when I took the quiz. One squeaked just ahead of the other two which tied for a close second.

Here are mine, in order:

  1. Acts of Service
  2. Quality Time/Receiving Gifts
  3. Words of Affirmation
  4. Physical Tough

In hindsight, it’s not a surprise to me that Acts of Service pulled ahead of the others as that is a language in which I am fluent.

Spreading acts of kindness (which often translates to an act of service) is my jam!

So what now?

It’s time to send the link to my hubby to identify his primary love language, followed by an opportunity for us each to share our findings and discuss specific ways in which we can fill each other’s love tanks.

Because what’s the good in having all this amazing information if we aren’t going to act on it?

Even if your marriage is good (as is mine!) there’s always room for improvement and who wouldn’t jump at a chance to make it the best it could possibly be?

And when a marriage is the best it could possibly be our capacity to be the best parents we can possibly be opens wide!

Already know the primary love language for yourself and your spouse? I’d love to hear what languages are being spoken in your home and some examples!

Love and Hugs from Colorado,

Up next: the love languages of our children!

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Quotes, direct and paraphrased, are used throughout this article from “The Five Love Languages” as beautifully written and owned by Gary Chapman

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