March Meal Plan
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March Meal Plan: Dinner

I’m getting organized for the month ahead and here to share with you our March Meal Plan: Dinner Edition.

I explained back in January when I shared our dinner meal plan for February that if I don’t have a plan, the wheels fall off….in many respects.

And with a family that includes three little ones, the wheels are bound to fall off anyway.

No need to tempt with yet another reason.


As I explained before, I’ve intentionally left one day blank. This is opportunity to clean out the fridge of leftovers, insert a family favorite, experiment with a new recipe, or give yourself a break all together by popping in a frozen pizza or ordering delivery.

I pray this plan will serve as inspiration for feeding your family well and perhaps even help you to stay on budget at the grocery store.


March Meal Plan (FREE printable PDF!!!)

March Meal Plan Recipes:

Crockpot Round Steak w/ Carrots: toss round steak into the crockpot with some cream of mushroom soup, a bag of mini carrots and a small onion sliced thinly.
Chicken Nachos
Crockpot Kielbasa Hash
KFC Bowls
–Grilled Chicken: Marinate chicken in zesty Italian dressing overnight and grill until cooked through.
Bacon-Ranch Pasta
–Roasted Broccoli: toss broccoli with avocado oil, season with salt/pepper/garlic and roast for 20’ish min in 400 degree oven.
–Italian Meatloaf
–Pasta Side: toss a favorite pasta with a favorite tomato based pasta sauce and top with a sprinkle of parmesan
–Crockpot Maple Dijon Chicken
–Roasted Asparagus
–Shrimp Tacos
–Mexican Rice: Re-warm already cooked rice and season with taco or fajita seasoning (may need to add a little water), stir in black beans and corn and fresh cilantro. Warm through and serve
–Beef & Broccoli Lo Mein
–Egg Rolls: a batch of this egg roll in a bowl recipe rolled into wonton wrappers and baked at 425 degrees for 20’ish min are perfection!
–Taco Soup: recipe coming soon!
–Hot Dogs/Brats: buy your favorite variety and toss them on the grill.
–Cole Slaw: I cheat and buy a “kit” at the store…still waiting on my grandmother-in-law’s recipe….
–Baked Beans: I’ll be cheating and warming up a can from the store…and later this summer I’ll share my grandmother’s recipe for jazzing up the store-bought variety!
–Ham: spiral cut, glazed ham from the meat dept cooked according to package directions.
–Scalloped Potatoes
–Roasted Green Beans: fresh green beans tossed in avocado oil, seasoned with salt/pepper/garlic and roasted at 400 degrees for 20’ish minutes.
–Crockpot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches: cook chicken breasts in crockpot, shred and drain liquid to pot before returning shredded chicken along with your favorite BBQ sauce.
–Taco Bar: seasoned beef and chicken, hard and soft taco shells and all the favorite toppings.
–Spicy Pinto Beans
–Crockpot Corned Beef & Cabbage: Safeway (Alberton’s) has the best marinated corned beef. Toss in the crockpot with cabbage, carrots, onion and red potatoes.
–Ham & Cheese Egg Bake: diced ham, shredded cheese and a dozen scrambled eggs poured into a greased casserole dish, baked at 375 for 30’ish minutes.
–Pepper & Chicken Rice:
–Cheese Wontons
–Pork Tenderloin: store bought marinated pork loin cooked according to package directions.
–Potato Rounds: Recipe Coming Soon!
–Sauteed Mixed Veggies
–Crockpot Ranch Chicken:
–Parmesan Rice: Recipe Coming Soon!
–Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Recipe Coming Soon!
–Pizza Casserole
–Caesar Salad: toss chopped romaine lettuce with a favorite store bought Caesar dressing, add shredded parmesan cheese and fresh cracked pepper.
–French Toast: add a splash of vanilla extract to the egg wash for extreme deliciousness!
–Crockpot Sesame Chicken
–Asian Salad: store bought kit cheat with this one
–Beef Stew: Recipe Coming Soon!
–Biscuits: Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits (gluten free) for the win here!
–Whole Chicken
–Potato Soup
-Grilled Ham & Cheese: like regular grilled cheese except with ham. Bonus if you can find a tasty fresh tomato!
–Southwest Breakfast Casserole
–Steak: season as per preference and grill to desired doneness.
–Loaded Potato Rounds: Recipe Coming Soon!

March Meal Plan Hacks:

  • Any prep work that can be done before-hand is never wasted time. Brown meats, assemble marinades, wash and chop fruits/veggies, cook plain rice in large batches and freeze in smaller portions for later use, etc.
  • Keep an assortment of family favorite breads on hand. Frozen garlic bread and bread sticks, biscuits, crescent rolls, etc.
  • Fill the freezer with potato options for when you are in a pinch. Sweet potato fries, french fries, tater tots, hash browns, etc.
  • Stock the pantry (or freezer, if you prefer frozen) with fruit and veggies….not EVERY meal has to include fresh produce.
  • The produce section of the grocery store boasts a nice assortment of salad “kits” (southwest, Asian, Cesar, etc.) that are handy to have in the fridge as a side dish option
  • Ensure you keep an eye on your upcoming meals so you don’t forget to pull items from the freezer to thaw
  • Always have a back-up…whether that means a frozen pizza or another fully prepped meal tucked away for “just in case”. (See this list for all the freezer/pantry meal prep I did before Fall 2020 for some ideas).
  • Many of the meals on this March meal plan freeze well. Making double can help you to slowly stock your freezer with fully-prepped meals for future eats!

Organize your grocery shopping with this magnetic notepad:

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Sending Love and Hugs from Colorado,

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