March Scripture Journaling

March Scripture Journaling

Having these Scripture Journaling plans has been such a blessing. Though the days are busy with all mommy’ing I can possibly squeeze in, I can always find a minute or two (or, if I’m lucky 20!) to sit with a bit of scripture, meditate and reflect.

The theme for the month of March is Keeping A Home & Things of This World!

Scripture Journaling is a simple (and not overwhelming) way to get into The Word daily. It’s a way to get quiet with God -if even for a few minutes among the chaos of motherhood – to meditate and reflect on His living words of truth.

Scripture Journaling: How To

Monday through Friday find a quiet space of time to read the scripture noted for the day, then take a moment to reflect and write about what The Lord is speaking to you through those words
(do the same in a year’s time with the same scripture and you may find He’s communicating something completely different!).

If nothing comes immediately to you, sit in quiet for a bit, re-read the scripture, and sit some more. Whatever is on your heart or in your mind – write it down.

Pray: either quietly to yourself or write it in your journal as well.

Use Saturday to catch up on any days you might have missed through the week, to dig deeper into something that really resonated with you, or to practice memorizing a verse that you want to ensure remains written on your heart.

On Sunday catch a sermon…live and in person or on-line!

Here’s a free PDF to print and tuck inside your Bible or Journal:

Confession: I started using my Christian Planner this year as more than just a planner and have added more journaling and scrap-booking in to the mix. I was inspired by the work of others, bringing so much life to their planners/journals…and I’m a little hooked on all the goodies one can buy to adorn their work.

I just ordered this book of stickers, traceable designs, etc. and am giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve about it’s arrival:

Click Picture for Link

Love & Hugs from Colorado-

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