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Movement Monday: S is for September…and Standing Abs

I came across this standing abs workout many years ago in a magazine (Women’s Health Magazine <– you can find the workout posted online at this link, which includes a video of the moves in case pictures just aren’t your thing).

Intrigued with the idea of taking crunches off the table as part of an abs workout, I tore out the page.

Not because I have anything against crunches per-se.

But because crunches alone don’t give the whole core a good workout.

And because sometimes I simply just don’t wanna with the crunches.

I’ve come back to it time and again over the years.

I’m feeling the need to add a little somethin’ to my strollin’ the baby through the neighborhood routine, and in the spirit of sharing, I thought I might invite you to a Standing Abs Challenge for the month of September.

(September is just around the corner, if you can even believe it. I’m still in denial but attempting to push through…)

It’s simple – just follow the exercises per the reps/sets schedule.

We’ll start off slow and increase over time. Starting on Sept 1st!

If you miss a day, you be the boss of you and decide how you want to handle that.

Some suggestions:
1. Skip that day and keep plugging along with the workout as per schedule
2. Work through a “rest day” to catch up
3. Double up the following day to get all the reps/sets for the 30 days in

You also be the boss of you and make a decision on the amount of weight you are going to use (and maybe you start off with one weight and adjust).

One disclaimer: I am not an exercise science professional, nor am I a physician. I’m sharing both the exercise moves as well as the ‘schedule’ from other sources (Women’s Health Magazine, and and inviting you to join me as I take one step further in increasing my active lifestyle that I’ve been absolutely transparent about being a struggle for quite some time. You should use your judgment about what you can/can’t do as far as exercise is concerned in your life, and consult your physician if you have questions about your health and exercise.

With all that said, who is ready to join me?

Here’s the schedule:

And the moves (remember, these need to be done on each side):

Seriously, if you’re up for joining, give me a shout in the comments section below so I know if I’m going this alone (with is totally okay) or if there are others out there I can cheer along and check in with along the way!!

Oh, and before I go, chances to register for your chance to win some free trail mix are running out! See this post for how to enter!


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