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Movement Monday: Strollers & Warm Weather Strollin’ Tips

When I added a stroller to my baby gift registry, I focused on a double stroller.

I figured that with three kids in the mix, and the need to keep situations contained from time to time, the double would come in handy.

In fact, when we first got our foster kiddos, if it weren’t for a VERY well loved before us double stroller (seriously, it was near needing a trip to the dumpster), I’m not sure I could have managed.

I attempted ONE doctor appt with a single stroller in the first week of their arrival – which meant one was contained and the other trusted to be chill.

The appointment transpired something opposite of that, ending with an exploded sippy cup of juice all over the floor and the staff assuring me it was fine, they would clean it up (aka: they wanted me to get my tornado the heck out of their office) and giving me all the sympathy faces.

It was an epic cluster!

Along with needing containment for both of them during appointments, the screaming that rarely stopped seemed to subside a little if I was strolling them through the neighborhood.

Which meant a LOT of walking for me. A large contributor to my losing 15 lbs in just 3 short weeks.

Anyway, with a third on the way I thought it would be nice to have a new double stroller option to rely upon.

And we had been generously handed down a couple single stroller options that would suffice.

I haven’t used the new double stroller much at all – but we have gotten boat loads of use of the jogging stroller that was loved before us and then handed down for us to give it another round of life.

It’s not fancy. It has some rips, tears, stains and other chinks in its’ armor.

But it rides smoothly and baby boy is comfy with a new, clean stroller insert so there’s little to complain about.

What I really love about this stroller is that the sun shade adjusts all the way from the handle-bars to the drink/snack tray. This allows me to keep the sun off my little guy as well as the air flowing around him because it doesn’t get trapped in the back/top of the stroller under a shade that’s attached to the handle-bars.

Here’s a link to one very similar to what we have: Baby Trend Jogging Stroller

I did a quick search of top selling and reviewed strollers on Amazon – and they can be quite spendy to say the least. The stroller linked above can be picked up for under $100 right now. Plus, it posts good reviews with 4.5 stars!

And taking a note from my girl over at Move Better Mom Better, I ordered this battery operated fan to help keep my little dude from over-heating when we’re out and about and temps are climbing.

I always worry about how hot strollers and car seats can get for our little ones and about a month or so ago, Kristen had an awesome IG post with suggestions to keep the heat off the kids without scrapping the idea of the outdoor adventure all together.

One additional thing I like to do to ensure my little dude stays as cool as possible is to eliminate any unnecessary clothing. You betcha that we stroll in just a onesie sans pants!

Him. No me.

Hope you have a wonderfully wonderful week ahead – but before I go, can we please talk about these adorable chubby baby legs?


  • Cayla

    Our first stroller was a baby trend jogger as well, I scored at a yard sale. Loved it until I took up running with the babe, and needed something with more shock absorption. The fan is a MUST, and those legs are perfection ❤️.

    • HJ Ozborn

      It should 100% be clarified that I do NOT run/jog with this stroller and you are most certainly correct, the shock absorption with this set-up is not great. My super active friends swear by the BOB jogging strollers. I wouldn’t know anything about that so I’ll take their word for it.
      And those legs ARE perfection, aren’t they?!?!? LOL Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment, Cayla!

  • Kristin

    Love this post for so many reasons. 😉 I continue to be impressed by you daily, Hilary! Those three kiddos are extremely blessed to have you as their momma.

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