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Movement Monday

After 15 weeks being on bed rest with my complicated pregnancy – in and out of the hospital – it took a LONG while for me to get back on my feet and really moving again.

Imagine laying down and the next time you really get up and start tackling life again you are 20 pounds heavier? (plus you had a new born and 2 toddlers).

The body wasn’t made for that type of shock. And it’s painful.

For weeks my feet felt like I was walking on needles. My back and all my joints screamed in agony.

I have a pretty high pain threshold and even so, was miserable. If it weren’t for epsom salt and essential oil foot soaks I’m not sure I would have survived. LOL

Significant periods of being sedentary rob the body of strength, flexibility, energy, and stamina.

Add to it the exhaustion (both mental and physical) that comes from having a newborn plus two very needy and active toddlers and any thoughts of being extra active…well…they just didn’t really happen.

In rare, fleeting moments where those thoughts ran through my brain, they were quickly pushed to the side because my body was in revolt. I was just too tired. And the weather wasn’t great (we were in the middle of winter).

The tide has changed and I am now squeezing in an afternoon walk almost daily.

Not because I’m all revved up on the idea of being active – I’m still exhausted (mentally and physically) and a new fun stomach issue that flares up extra as my heart rate increases is an added deterrent.

I do it because my little one boycotts afternoon naps for the most part unless he’s strapped into the stroller and rambling around the neighborhood.

You know what an infant minus an afternoon nap is like come early evening?

Hot Mess Express!

So, I do it for HIM…and a little for me (because I know I benefit too).

We don’t go far from home but our neighborhood offers a multitude of up-hill, down-hill and flat and there’s no avoiding that incline. So every outing is a series of fat burning, heart pumping intervals.

When the weather threatens to be bad (afternoon storms are a common occurrence here), we stride 4 houses up and 3 houses down (we live on a hill thus have the added benefit of incline built right in). Staying super closer to home means we are quickly able to duck into the garage should a storm roll through.

When my stomach is flared up we slow things down move a bit at a turtle’s pace.

BUT we’re moving!

And moving in any capacity is a nice start.

My other inspiration for keeping moving is this fun new blog/facebook/instagram all about being a mamma on the move!

Move Better, Mom Better is written by a Physical Therapist who is mamma to two super adorable littles.

She is smart and lovely on so many levels and she shares so much awesome information and tid-bits specific to women’s health with the message always being that mommy-ing ain’t easy, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop moving!

Her name is Kristen, she is the author of Move Better, Mom Better and I adore her.

Strongly recommend you sign up to follow her blog (Move Better Mom Better), but also her Instagram and/or Facebook as other pearls of wisdom find their way there (versus in a more formal blog post).

Regardless if you’re a mother to little ones or not, keeping moving can be a struggle.

If you power through regardless, I applaud you.

If you battle with it in your mind and struggle to make the actual physical part happen, I want to be here for encouragement (because I soooo feel you!).

And if you’re intimidated by even the idea of starting – take a page out of my book! A simple walk (even at a turtles pace) is a great launching point.

What helps you to say active beyond the activity built into your daily grind?

Photo Credit: Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

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