Neglecting Myself

Neglecting Myself: It’s Been 3 Years & It Stops Now.

Three years. That’s how long I’ve been neglecting myself in terms of oral preventative health care (among other things).

That’s how long I put my own importance on the back burner.


I worked for a dentist when I was in high school and it was there that I learned to really appreciate the value of good oral hygiene.

Brushing two – or three – times a day. Daily flossing. Frequent fluoride rinses.

Prior to these three years I wouldn’t have dreamed of neglecting myself. I was firmly planted in the chair of a dental hygienist every six months…like clockwork.

So what happened?

I’d like to blame kids: my plate being too overly full, going through a high-risk pregnancy, my dentist not being open on Friday which is the best opportunity for me to sneak this sort of appointment.

All these things are true, but the absolute honest truth is that I wasn’t making myself a priority.

I’ve been overwhelmed with motherhood since the foster system dropped my oldest on our doorstep, piling on with the addition of our own biological son just fifteen months later. I’m tired of appointments: for my kids and for myself. My brain is fatigued of always figuring out the logistics and keeping track of everything for my family.

So I’ve been skipping out on the dentist….FOR THREE YEARS…and I’ve been agonizing about spending money (that we have!!) on myself. 

I’m not talking about a frivolous shopping spree for things I want but really could do without.

I’m not talking about a day of relaxation and beauty at a spa, or a vacation to rest and rejuvenate (although, I probably could use both of those as well).

 I’m honestly quite frugal and don’t even care about stuff like that. 

It’s all nice but not needed and when things aren’t needed I don’t struggle much with doing without.

I’m talking about FINALLY taking measures to straighten my crowded teeth. The teeth that are tight and difficult to floss. The teeth that were suggested I have straightened when I was in middle school and while I was fitted for retainers we never quite got the job done (admittedly, my own non-compliance with the treatment protocol – eventually giving up – to blame).

I vowed walking into 2021 that I would take better care of myself; that I would make myself a priority some of the time rather than always placing myself on the back burner.

So, here I am with recently <professionally> cleaned teeth (and by the grace of God, no cavities after these years of neglect!) and the first steps to a straighter…and easier to floss…smile!

Can I encourage you to do the same? Can I inspire you to assess where you are neglecting yourself and nudge you to take steps to remedy that situation??





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