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New Year – 2018 – Pause & Re-Group

Hey there! Remember me? It’s been a while since I’ve met you here. Two and half months, in fact. I have good reason and I’ll tell you why, but before all that, Happy New Year! The New Year is an opportunity to pause and re-group. What a blessing that this opportunity presents itself without our even asking.

I hope your holiday season was full of magic and memories to last a lifetime.

Now that the dust is settling on the craziest time of year, I feel like I can exhale and fill you all in on the happenings over here in our world, the reason for my lengthy blogging absence, and what I plan hope to do differently in the New Year.

On Friday, October 13th, J and I welcomed in to our home two little foster kiddos. And when I say little, I mean LITTLE. Two full siblings with the blondest hair you ever saw and blue eyes to die for. Both under the age of two. That’s right, we went from zero to two under the age of two in the blink of an eye.

One might say that our world was flipped upside down. Yep! Except that “flipped upside down” is an understatement. We knew when we began this journey that it wouldn’t be easy. We knew it would be hard. We just didn’t know it would be HARD!!! H.A.R.D.

We didn’t know it would be the kind of hard where you lose 15 pounds in three weeks. The kind of hard that prevents you from keeping even one thing straight in your brain. The kind of hard that leaves the screams and cries of traumatized babies ringing in your ears even when they are asleep and the house is completely silent. The kind of hard where you seriously question if you’ve got what it takes to give these children what they need when they’ve come from the very worst of circumstances. The kind of hard where you cry.

Every. Single. Day.

For weeks.

Truth is, we probably bit off more than we could chew accepting a very first placement that included not one, but two, babies. A series of circumstances, however, led these two to our home and saying “no” just wasn’t an option.

So, we said “yes”.

And thus began this crazy <BEAUTIFUL> wild ride we find ourselves on currently.

Looking Forward to The New Year

I thank you for sticking in here with me though I’ve been grossly absent for the past couple months. I plan for things to look differently in the New Year.

The start of the New Year is a good opportunity to stop and re-group and it is my intention to do just that. Part of my re-grouping, now that I’ve got a better handle on the chaos in our lives, includes getting back to regular writing (though, it may start out a little slow at first). There’s more to this fostering journey I’d like to share with you and, as always, tid-bits from my adventures in the kitchen, gardening, DIY projects and spiritual growth.

Will you be doing any “stop and re-grouping” this New Year? What does that look like for you?



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