Officially Fall: Preparations Continue (Freezer/Pantry)

It is officially Fall 2020.

I ordered and received my new festive t-shirt to get on board with all the excitement.

I didn’t realize, but so many consider fall an opportunity to re-start. Similar to The New Year.

For me, the change of season is welcome but I feel more like the start of tying up loose ends than fresh start when fall rolls around.

To that end, my Fall 2020 Preparation continues so I thought I’d jump back on here and share the next step of what has turned into quite a phased project: Rounding out the freezer and pantry with essentials for just in case.

I’ve said it before and I will certainly say it again – I’m not a dooms day planner and I in no way want to survive a zombie apocalypse.

What I DO want is to have essentils on hand to get us by for a period of time should some serious s*it hit the fan.

If 2020 taught us anything it might be that you can never really know what to expect in this life and that preparedness to some degree is essential.

Late in the summer I launched a whole freezer meal cooking extravaganza as part of our preparedness. You can read about that here.

We have just short of a month’s supply of fully prepared meals (with side dishes) in the freezer/pantry at this point. I’ll continue to add to that little by little as I double up on recipes I’m already cooking for dinner throughout the fall and winter months and tuck half away.

I wanted to round that out with some other ingredient essentials to have on hand as well. It’s taken me a bit to finalize what I think is the last leg of this preparedness journey because I couldn’t quite decide how to tackle this last bit of the project.

Here is where I landed:

I still need to grab a few things for the pantry and freezer to finalize my checklist but I’m doing so as I find items on sale.

There are, of course, other odds and ends in our freezer and pantry but these are the things I want to be sure to have on hand at all times.

As we trek along, I’ll ensure I’m rotating our stock – pulling from the pantry/freezer, then replenishing with new purchases from the store. This will ensure items aren’t going bad (though, everything on the lists should have a good shelf-life – hence why I’ve dubbed them “essential”)

What else would you include in your list of essentials?

Here are the other areas I’ve tackled (in addition to the freezer meals):
Household Essentials
Medicine Cabinet

Have you done any sort of Fall preparations? Or are you taking your chances and winging it??


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