Out With 2020 – In With 2021!

If 2020 wasn’t the year of “oh now what?”, I’m not sure what is/was/could be.

Through all the uncertainty and twists and turns, I hope that you were able to sort through the mess and find traces of joy…or dare I even say, goodness?

For me, the blessing in disguise was the ability to really pump the breaks and slow things down, especially over the holidays. With family across three states and the expectation that we be everywhere at once (and that we, with our little tribe bear the burden of ALL the travel instead of folks coming to us) — people keeping score about where we spent how much time and with whom and then all the manipulation, guilt-tripping and drama ensuing — it was really nice to just stay put.

It was the slow down that my mind, body, heart and soul has been desiring for years now and while it was our intention to initiate operation slow down this year for the holidays anyway…a decision made right after the new year of 2020…the pandemic had a way of making it easier.

Because, who is gonna argue pandemic? (<– actually, let’s not go there)

So, here we are 2021.

There’s nothing magical about the clock striking midnight on January 1st and I’m not overly confident that 2021 is going to get us back to “normal” but what I do know is this: there is hope for things to be better and the year is going to be what we make of it…attitude has a way of being everything.

Navigating this upcoming year and being intentional with my time, especially as it’s stretched thinner and thinner (everything pandemic at play), required me to get quiet with God and listen for HIS will.

Where do I focus my priorities? What must I let go?

As things turn out, I’m not super woman and I need to be super intentional about all the details in my life in order for me to do it all well, settling for ok’ish from time to time, and preserve my sanity (and health!) in the meantime.


I’ve got my vision board together!
(psst: I’ve also created a private 2021 Visions group on Facebook where folks can participate with a supportive community on a journey of visions, goal setting, encouragement, accountability, etc. all through the year. If you’re interested in being part of something uplifting and good – click this link and send a request to join. We’d love to have you!)

We are going to be bringing it with content on 3 Under 3 in 15 Months @Simply Writeous (and associated Facebook and Instagram pages) through the month of January with the usual goodies from my crazy life with three littles, but also focusing on the topic of Forgiving When We Can’t Forget and Setting Boundaries.

Sometimes removing and organizing the clutter in our lives in order to make them better requires setting – and holding – difficult boundaries.

If you haven’t already be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

And get your copy of this book ordered ASAP

It’s a game changer, y’all and the next book for spiritual growth that you just have to read. PLUS – I’ll be throwing up posts with thoughts and stories of my own as they pertain to the content so this can serve <somewhat> as a “move at your own pace” bible study to kick off your year if that might appeal to you.

I SO look forward to journeying through 2021 with you and thank you so much for your past, present and future support.

Love and Hugs from Colorado,


Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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