• The Art of Maintaining a Clean House: Guest Post

    People often comment on the state of my house when they come to visit, whether they are friends, family, or the occasional maintenance man.  Evidence of my children can be found all around our home- playsets, high chairs, bins and shelves full of books and toys- and that’s all just in our living and dining areas.  My children’s belongings can be found throughout our house, and yet our home is strangely clean.  People comment on the tidiness, and then inevitably ask, how do I do it? I grew up in a very clean house.  I distinctly remember my mom taking the time to clean the bathroom, swiffer the dog hair,…

  • The Gift You Give Yourself: Guest Post

    I cleaned out our attic this year. This year, when I had a lot more time inside our home, I finally was able to slow down enough to focus on chores I’ve been putting off.I ended up with more than 30 large trash bags full of stuff I couldn’t see the reason to save anymore. I was finally able to let go of things I’ve held onto for a long time. And it felt good to let it all go. I’ve discovered another way I’m a pack rat during this year. I store hurts. If someone has caused me pain, I tend to save each one to carefully pack away.…

  • Parmesan Rice Side Dish Recipe

    Parmesan Rice Side Dish Recipe

    Parmesan rice has been a game changer at dinner time and let me tell you why: EVERYONE LOVES IT. Even my husband who has always tolerated rice but never really liked to have it show up on his plate. Flavors of garlic, marsala wine and parmesan cheese come together to create this amazing Parmesan Rice Side Dish that’s sure to be a hit in your house as well! Pair this rice side dish with a favorite grilled meat and Roasted Asparagus for a complete – and delicious – meal. Keep pantry staples fresh and beautifully displayed on open kitchen shelving with this fun assortment of jars: