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Preparing for Fall 2020: Household Essentials

I’m coming to realize that Fall is hot on our heels – and my plan for preparedness isn’t quite complete.

But it’s coming along as quickly as resources (time and money) will allow.

I’ve been living by the rule of “back-ups” for a long while where household essentials are concerned.

What I mean is that for most household essential items (hygiene products, too! But that’s another post for another time), I’ve liked to keep a back-up in the closet. Then, when I run out of what I’m currently using I can just grab my back-up and put another on the monthly delivery order list.

I want to be clear here that the goal is to keep a reasonable stock of supplies on hand. ONE extra normal sized package of toilet paper. ONE extra bottle of dish soap. ONE 3-pack of tissues.

You get the point.

This has helped ensure I never run out of something important to keep this ship afloat, I save unnecessary (and unwanted) trips to the store and in the event that money is tight (like the month the pandemic hit, my husband’s job was furloughed AND we had to shell out thousands of dollars to put a new engine in my vehicle) it buys me a little more time to scrounge together resources to replace the back-up.

The only thing that’s changed about this way of functioning for Fall 2020 is that I’ve become more organized with my inventory and added a few things to the list….because last Spring it took me months to find hand soap and who even knows what the next scramble will deplete…

I am pleased to announced that we never were in a pinch for toilet paper because: rule of back-ups.

So, I bring to you today the list I’m working off of (and adding to as I discover other essentials I always want to have on hand).

If you’d like to get started doing the same but your budget simply won’t allow, here’s a couple suggestions:
1. make an additional purchase of one household essential item (aim for something on sale and/or that you have a coupon for) during each shopping trip.
2. if you have credit card points you can cash in for gift cards, do so and allocate the entire amount to making “back-up” purchases.
3. set aside a few dollars from each paycheck that you can use exclusively to get your “back-ups” stocked up.
4. round up all that change in your house/purse/vehicles and drop by the bank to cash it in for paper monies (I don’t understand the whole coin shortage right now but I guess this would aid in that effort as well! Two birds!) then head to the store to make “back-up” purchases.

What other practical ideas do you have for scrounging up a few extra resources to help get stocked up on household essentials? Anything else you’d add to the essentials list?


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