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Preparing for Fall 2020: Medicine Cabinet

As you are aware, I’ve been busy preparing for Fall 2020…as best I can among all the uncertainty we face.

This past week I made the time to go through our medicine cabinet.

After tossing anything that was expired I took inventory of what we had on hand and returned everything worth saving in an organized fashion.

This gave me a better idea of what needs purchased before we get to cold/flu/corona season.

Corona Season.

It’s going to be a ‘thing’ now, yes?

The pandemic gave me the extra nudge to get this done but I think it’s wise to ensure medicine cabinets are appropriately stocked before illness strikes anyway. Because, is there anything worse than being struck down with illness and having to make a trip to the store to pick up some essentials to get you (or your family) through that tough time?

It’s especially tricky to pull this off with kids in tow — kids we are being mindful to keep out of public places right now anyway (and who I definitely don’t want to be dragging around if any one of us is sick).

And perhaps this year, more than any before, it’s extra kind to others to ensure you have what you might need on hand BEFORE you are sick so you can prevent the spread of whatever germs have brought you down.

I’ve got a couple loose ends to tie up and our medicine cabinet will be ready to roll!

My plan includes having a back-up on hand, in addition to whatever might already be open. This will come in handy if/when another wave hits and resources are depleted (as they were last Spring when there wasn’t a drop of cough syrup or a tablet of advil to be found…anywhere).

One less thing for me to have to think on or deal with in this already decision fatigued time.

Here’s an overview of how I’ve prepared our medicine cabinet for whatever Fall 2020 might throw our way:

Ensuring all categories are “checked”, our cabinet is stocked with our tried and true favorites for targeting each condition.

I intentionally didn’t give recommendations for specific medicines because you should choose what you’ve used and had success with in the past or speak with your physician or pharmacist for suggestions.

I also tested our thermometers and ordered back-up batteries so that we won’t be left in a pinch there.

In addition to medications, there are some alternatives to medicine that we also turn to for symptom relief. I’m working to get those ducks in a row and will share more at a later time.

And to top it all off, I’m in the process of REASONABLY stocking our paper goods and household essentials…and once all those details are completed I’ll be finalizing our food preparation (pantry, freezer and another small round of freezer meal preparation).

Can you believe Fall is just around the corner? It seems like summer is just getting in to full swing (or at least it definitely is where my garden is concerned).

Are you in the process of any preparations? Ideas, suggestions, things I’ve missed? Tips and tricks you’d like to share?

Would love your feedback! Drop a line in the comments below!

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