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Preschooler Bible Study: Creation Day 2 (Sky)

We FINALLY were able to circle back to some at-the-table activities and got Creation Day 2 workin’.

We’ve been taking advantage of every bit of mild temps and spending time outside. And, admittedly, when we have had some opportunity for at-the-table activities I’ve defaulted to some of my “always prepped” options because I haven’t had it in me (and by “it” I mean patience) to work through the teaching parts and hand-hold through completion of the activity as many of them require.

As it turns out, I am a master at lesson planning and prep but the actual teaching…not my strong suit. God Bless all these educators and Sunday school teachers with their over-abundance of patience for managing classrooms of 15, 20, 30+ young kids.

When I recognize I’m already thin on patience I opt for activities they can mostly manage themselves….

Anyway…we managed to crank this one out a few weeks ago but the world has been in a funny place and I haven’t kept up here (or anywhere else) as I might have liked….

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Creation Day 2 Supplies Needed:

  1. Children’s Bible
  2. Paper plates
  3. Paint: black and blue
  4. Paint brushes
  5. Small jars for water
  6. Egg carton: I like to use these for the paint and glue and toss when we’re done
  7. Cotton balls
  8. Glue
  9. Paint shirts
  10. Tape (not pictured)
  11. Black and Silver Markers (not pictured)
  12. Hole punch (not pictured)
  13. String (not pictured)
  14. Suction cup hook (not pictured)

Creation Day 2 Prep Instructions:

  1. Gather all supplies
  2. Half the plates: I chose to cut the paper plates in half because I don’t think my kids could have handled the “paint black on this side of the line and blue on this side” instructions. Use your judgement and half the plates, either with a line or by cutting.
  3. Tuck all supplies in a bag and put in the “projects prepared” bin

Creation Day 2 Project Execution

The day of the project we started, once again, with a short reading from our Children’s Bible (Genesis 1: 6-8) about what God was up to on Day 2 and re-iterated the following points:
-On the second day, God created a great space He called “sky”
-In the daytime the Sky is BLUE
-In the nighttime the Sky is BLACK

We then painted on half of our paper plates blue, and the other half black.

A little waiting time (which meant coming back to the project the next evening – and re-iterating the above points for repetition sake) allowed us to return to our project and glue the cotton balls in the blue sky to create clouds.

We made sure to write the following on our plates as reminders:
“Day 2”
“Black = Night” (on the black half)
“Blue = Day” (on the blue half).

Then we taped our halves back together, punched a hole, looped our string through and are proudly displaying our work in the dining room window.

Having this displayed keeps God’s great work top of mind for us and even sparks conversation as the kids tell us often what they remember about the first two days of creation.

Link to Creation Day 1 here

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