Rakuten Shout Out!

I hadn’t intended to post anything today.

I have a LOT of other things on my ‘to do’ list; demanding my attention.

But something happened this morning that I simply cannot let go and this company needs a MEGA shout out!

I started using Rakuten (formerly Ebates) several months after Isaac was born and had GI issues that required me to stop nursing and to starting buying the most expensive formula on the market. Medical grade formula that can’t even be purchased in the store. I figured that any little bit I could earn back from these, as well as other, purchases was worth the extra step of first accessing the websites through the Rakuten webpage…and it literally takes only seconds longer.

Over the course of a year I’ve earned back over $100…and seriously…it’s the easiest money I’ve ever made because it requires a couple extra clicks for the online shopping I’m already doing (which is for almost everything, including groceries because braving the store exhausts me just in thought).

So…a check (sent out quarterly) has floated around to different places in the kitchen for months and months because I – in laziness, lets just get real here – kept putting off depositing it….electronically, from my phone…so we can be honest about how extra lazy that is *face palm*.

I finally got around to depositing this and another Rakuten check – one from August and the other from November – last week.

As I was making the electronic deposits (from my phone) I noticed the “void after 90 days” statement but thought it wouldn’t hurt anything to just attempt the deposit anyway.

Are those statements even for real?

Apparently, they are.

I woke this morning to an email from my bank basically saying that the check was being returned AND that I’d been assessed a $12 fee.


It’s hard to be mad at anyone but myself because this could have easily been avoided had I just deposited the dang check more timely.

So I sent a message to Rakuten and explained what happened. I owned my part in all of it and made sure to acknowledge that the fee from the bank was in no way their responsibility…but asked if they could, pretty please, re-issue me that check so I could at least recoup the bank fees (the idea of this whole thing COSTING ME MONEY making me want to puke especially because the check from Rakuten was $13 and some change).

Not only was their response super timely — almost immediate – BUT they are re-issuing the check without any hesitation AND crediting me for the $12 bank fee.


Folks…if you do a any amount of online shopping and aren’t connected with Rakuten, this company is well worth the look. It costs you NOTHING and the ‘inconvenience’ is literally a couple extra clicks to access the website you are ordering from first through Rakuten.com.

That’s IT!

They do all the work to verify if items on your order qualify for any sort of cash back AND send you a check (no minimum, whatever your balance, a check comes) a handful of times a year.

You don’t have to give them banking info or any other uncomfortably personal information.

I even run my weekly online grocery order that I either have delivered or pick up through Rakuten because it all adds up!

Here’s a link to get started: I love free money so sign me up!

Make a qualifying purchase and they will throw a free $10 your way (and I also get a little love added to my account, too, for referring you…but that’s totally not the spirit of this post…I just wanted to give Rakuten some shout out!).

Seriously – all the love for Rakuten. For the service they offer as well as their above and beyond customer service (because they could have just given me the ‘sorry…but not really sorry…get your life together’).

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