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October was certainly a month of emotions as we honored and brought awareness of Pregnancy and Infant Loss here on 3 Under 3 in 15 months (and on Facebook and Instagram, too).

For the first time, I really shared about my multitude of losses while bringing along so many other women who agreed to have their story shared here as well.

As I reflect over all these stories there is a common theme: time changes the wound but it doesn’t quite fully heal AND there is hope.

My heart really does go out to all the men and women who have had to experience this sort of excruciating loss. It’s a pain no one should ever have to go through, and yet, one in four.

If you’ve missed any of the beautiful stories featured here through the month (linked below), please take a bit of time to read and comment with any thoughts/encouragement/etc. — and if a particular story really moves you, share to your social media. We can’t always know what others in our lives are going through and these stories…this rawness and shared grief….might be just what another woman in your life needs.

Hilary Lauren Sydney Natalie Kristin Aneece Ashley Justina Lisa

Thank you – all of you – for your vulnerability and willingness to put words to your grief, loss and sorrow.

Looking Forward

And now, shifting gears in a pretty drastic way, I wanted to share some plans with you about 3 Under 3 in 15 months through the remainder of this year.

We are entering the busiest – and highest stress – time of the year. PLUS all three of my kiddos have birthdays to plan for in the mix as well.

In an effort to achieve some semblance of balance and self-care, I’m going to pump the breaks a touch where my writing is concerned.

I don’t intend to disappear completely but I may be coming to you more sporadically than frequently/consistently for the next couple of months.

If you haven’t already, follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more frequent tid-bits from this simply eclectic life of the not rich/not famous and other awesome content brought to you -via me – by other writers.

Here’s what I’ll be doing in the meantime:
-preparing for all the holiday mayhem that the season has to offer, and doing so with as much joy and enthusiasm and I can muster.
-praying over the future of 3 Under 3 in 15 Months and putting together/gathering content.
-seeking to find better balance so everything doesn’t feel like a “constantly scrambling all to fall short” sort of scenario.

I give you so many thanks for your love and support as these last months of transformation have taken place and I look forward to charging into the new year with you!


Photo Credit: Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash

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