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Removing ALLLL The Clutter

I’ve been working really hard the last handful of months to remove clutter from our lives.

The ‘stuff’ that simply isn’t needed/used/wanted. That’s taking up space in our home, minds and souls.

The stuff that’s preventing the all necessary things from having appropriate space and time and serves to become overwhelming.

But my focus hasn’t been solely on material possession ‘stuff’ because clutter is really anything that takes away from our ability to be effective and efficient…in life. The distractions that steal away our attention from where it should lie. The drains on our energy that are for not and simply a waste of time when our energy is better reserved for other – more important – things.

I’ve taken a long hard look at the notifications constantly popping up on my phone and watch and really assessing whether they are necessary distractions.

Most of them aren’t. So I turned them off.

I’ve sorted through a mass of lingering emails cluttering up my in-box. Unsubscribing or noting things as “junk/spam”. Batch deleting that which should have been dealt with long ago…but that I just kept skipping over until hundreds of junky, unread emails cluttered up my in-box preventing me from efficiently accessing messages I actually needed.

Same goes with text messages and saved voice messages on my phone
oh, you couldn’t leave a message because my voice mailbox was full? That’s because I have 45 saved spam messages I neglected to delete. Oops!

Pictures have been backed-up, stored to the cloud and removed from my phone.
…because if I get one more notification that I’m out of storage…and then the photo-op has passed.

I’ve cleaned up my “friends” list on social media to eliminate anything and anyone with a draw to negativity and have set limits with myself on when and for how long I get caught up in scrolling.

And I’ve chosen to set boundaries, even eliminating contact in some instances, with some people in my life.

People who have proven to be toxic. Who have spent their time judging and gossiping. Women who have had the audacity to mommy-shame in the most disgusting way it still makes my a little sick to my stomach. Those who are out for drama, because drama is the substance that allows them to thrive. People who bring more negativity to the table than true hope, peace, love. Folks who pride themselves <verbally> on this and that but their words and actions reveal something quite different.

You don’t have me fooled. Not any longer.

I simply don’t have the time or the energy for it….ANY of it!

My plate is overly full with a young family that has unique dynamics to be navigated. Any bit of clutter – whether unneeded material possessions, electronic distractions, negativity in social media or toxic relationships – distracts from where my time, energy and focus needs to lie.

I have a young family that needs more of me than I really have to give on a daily basis and I need to do my best for them.

And so: I’m working to reduce the clutter in my life.

ALLLLL of the clutter in my life.

An ongoing work in progress. Assess and re-assessing. Filling up various trashcans with that which is unnecessary and the opposite of life-giving.

I’m working hard to get back to basics: the family God entrusted me with.

There is never a better time than RIGHT NOW for you to do the same.

Have an addition for my checklist? Please share…because the more clutter removed, the more present we’re able to be!

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