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Seedlings 2020

It’s been a couple years since I tackled a seedlings project.

In fact, the last attempt was minimal effort (at best) and quickly destroyed by the cat.

At the time I had new’ish foster kiddos in the home and our life was next level chaos. Starting over – or really having my heart in it to begin with – just wasn’t happening.

I promised myself that this year, however, I would get back on it with starting my own seeds and reserve what little bit I do have in the budget for Garden 2020 to be used to invest in this, and future, years seedling projects.

Once the initial equipment is purchased there is huge cost savings to starting your own seeds (versus buying plants) and it doesn’t take long for the equipment to pay for itself.

Since filling our house <quickly> with kiddos, I’ve lost my original seedlings project space. My minimal effort attempt a couple years ago proved that I needed to start from scratch and get creative this season.

The new space needed to be close to a power source, have opportunity to easily hang (and adjust) the grow lights AND provide protection from the cat.

The cat who is curious by nature and grumpy by life circumstance (she’s old and we went from our quiet life to all chaos, all the time in the blink of an eye…who could blame her for feeling a touch on the grumpy side?).

The perfect solution presented itself via Amazon Deal of the Day many, many months ago:

An indoor ‘greenhouse’.

You might be wondering why on earth I need this when I have a whole big greenhouse sitting in the backyard.

Here’s why: it takes quite a lot to heat that beast out there (i.e. added expense) when I really only need a small’ish spot. And, if I’m honest, I don’t particularly want to trudge out to the greenhouse to keep an eye on delicate seedlings…especially when weather gets to be as it does here through the winter months. If I’m extra honest, having to bundle up and scoop a path to the shed out back just to haul in some seed starting supplies this week felt like a monumental task.

It’s simply more cost effective and convenient to have these babies in the house. So the indoor ‘greenhouse’ along with the perfect space in the utility room is the perfect solution!

So…I week or so ago I went through and did an organization and inventory of the seeds I have on hand. Then mapped out a planting plan, erring on the side of giving more indoor grow time. The seeds I have on hand are old and I don’t even know what will still be viable. Plus, they spent part of the winter outside in the greenhouse where a panel in the roof came loose (thanks to wind) and the box of seeds got a little bit wet. It’s possible I’ll actually end up running behind on account of my seeds not being good and having to start over with a fresh batch.

But…I’m okay with this because I’d like to make due with what I have if possible.

This week I hauled in, cleaned up and tested the lights and heat mat. Everything was still in working order! Woo Hoo!

I also assembled and situated the indoor ‘greenhouse’.

And the first round of seeds have been planted — because it’s GO TIME!

Now I wait patiently to see what happens with these old seeds…but man was it good to sink my hands in the dirt again…even if it was indoors!

Anyone else have Garden 2020 on their radar? Anyone else attempting to tackle a seedlings project? If so and you need some pointers: this post from years ago is a good place to start!


  • Jessica Lawson

    I planted seeds today! I don’t have grow lights but out my seedlings in a window and had decent luck! Maybe a system like this would be better but with 5 kids (the youngest being 2 who completely lives up to his age) I worry it will all go tumbling down if given the opportunity!

    • HJ Ozborn

      Oh girl, I so understand the having to play the “kid factor”. My one year old would have this thing down quicker than I one-click ordered it online as well….but having it tucked in the unfinished utility room in the basement (where no children are allowed to go) helps ensure it stands tall!
      Wishing much success over your seedling project this year!!

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