Serving A Beautiful Soup and Sandwich (or Salad)

We eat a variety of soups through the cool winter months. I’ve come to learn, however, that soup alone doesn’t cut it for a grown man. At least, not mine. A side salad or sandwich is a must! So when I stumbled across these adorable soup and sandwich (or salad) plates from a store that for a period of time was not in business, I was quick to get them on my Christmas wish list!

Don’t they just make this soup and salad extra beautiful?

Maybe you recall the store I’m referring to – The CHEFS Store? Or, CHEFS Catalog? It’s this specialty kitchen store (and catalog) that had every unique gadget imaginable, as well as all the ‘most common’ kitchen stuff, PLUS specialty spices. They were bought by Target and the stores (and catalog) closed.  I learned of the closing too late and my attempt to acquire more of these soup and sandwich dishes failed. BUT Target did honor my CHEFS gift card in their own store so at least I didn’t lose out there!

I recently discovered that CHEFS Catalog traded hands again in 2016 and the online store re-launched in 2017!

You can find their website by clicking here (<— this is NOT an affiliate link. I do not receive any compensation for driving traffic to this site. I just share because if you have a couple hours to get lost on a website and I’d recommend this one. At least once).

They no longer have the awesome soup and sandwich (or salad) dishes that I have pictured above but I’d bet there’s something else you can find that you kitchen desperately needs! OR a recipe from their blog that will have you headed immediately to the store for ingredient round-up!

If you’re dying to have some soup and sandwich (or salad) dishes similar to mine – here are some fun options from Amazon:

Oh! Before I forget! The soup pictured above was a delicious venison and vegetable soup brought to us by our very sweet neighbors. The same neighbors that made this over the top delicious green beans and beef dish several months ago. I’ve yet to learn that recipe…maybe this summer when I have more fresh green beans to share from the garden.

And the salad was a simple Caesar made with my favorite store-bought Caesar dressing that’s perfect for both salads and these Chicken Caesar Wraps.

Admittedly, I felt a little spoiled with this dinner that required almost no effort. Another act of kindness I must be sure to re-pay…for the food AND the opportunity to break out these adorable dishes!


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