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Spring Clean & Organize 2020

This is perhaps the strangest Spring in my existence…inability to leave home, good luck locating bleach and paper products, trapped without any break from exhausting little kids, having my hands so full I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

And yet…the sunshine and warm weather nudges me to de-clutter, organize and get a deep clean going.

Add to it that I haven’t really been able to do so for a couple of years.

First it was foster kids coming into our lives, followed quickly by a very high risk pregnancy that landed me on bedrest for 15 weeks. Then it was adjusting to life with three little ones.

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses

So my house has been totally neglected and is in desperate need (but I try not to notice when I walk in to…well…every room).

I know some would say “who cares? you have enough on your plate! this doesn’t have to be the priority!”

And while I appreciate the sentiment, in answer to the question is: ME.


I keep dreaming about how nice it would be if during this time of “slow down” – which has actually been a marathon run at an unreasonable (and perhaps unsustainable) pace for myself as well as many others – I had nothing else on my plate and could methodically work through this house.

Room by room. Cupboard and closet by cupboard and closet.

But that is most definitely NOT my reality.

I am determined, though!

This HOUSE will see some semblance of organization and deep cleaning this year…even if it’s not done quite as in-depth as I’d like and takes me til the holiday season.

Surly we won’t be in lock-down status until then? Right? Oh please God, ensure it isn’t so!

And so, the project has just begun and the expectations are <hopefully> reasonable: one room (or area) a week.

I know I only have small chunks of time each day that I’m free of fights to referee, disobedient behavior to redirect, auditions for Jackass (<– I know this show no longer airs but my kids are determined to get it back on…evidently) to put the kibosh on, meals to make, kitchen to clean up, shoes to find, coats to zip up, butts to wipe, and essentially functioning like a one-woman-circus.

I’ve switched up some supplies from the original plans I blogged about before (and will link to below). For example, instead of sloshing around a bucket of cleaning liquid I’ve mixed up my lysol concentrate and put in a spray bottle. And I’m putting to use some swiffer sweeper dusters left behind by a neighbor when they moved to Australia and “gifted” us with a garage full of stuff when we said we’d help them tie up loose ends.

It’s going to be a slow crawl to accomplish it all — because there’s still outside work to tend to as well as a garden to get planted, etc.

In an effort to keep track of my efforts I designed this cute little check list that will allow me to keep track of what I want to do and what has been accomplished.

I did this once before and hosted a giveaway (hang tight because there’s another one coming your way!) but made some modifications so that these could be used not just for “spring cleaning” but any sort of spring projects that I might want to create a punch list for.

Soooo….two things:

ONE – here are the links to previous blog posts about Spring cleaning in case you don’t know where to start or need some inspiration or wonder what others are doing that you might be missing (and please, if I’ve missed something, let a sister know!):
De-clutter & Organize
Living Spaces

TWO – the giveaway! Instead of making this a drawing with a winner – anyone who follows my blog via email can receive this cute checklist in PDF format.
**If you’re already signed up, comment below that you’d like me to email your way.
**If you’re not already signed up, find the box to enter your email address at the top right of the website homepage and when I see your email come through I’ll shoot the document your way!

You can print ’til your heart’s content, or your projects run out…whichever comes first!

Do you find yourself with more or less time in the midst of this COVID-19 lock down? What are your plans for tackling some cleaning and organization this spring/summer? If not cleaning and organization, do you have other projects in mind for this time…providing time permits?

Featured Image Photo Credit: Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

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