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Spring Cleaning 2019

Last year, about this same time, we were elbow deep in Spring Cleaning projects.

I had put together posts for spring cleaning plans for bathrooms and bedrooms. Next on my list was Kitchens (the worst room of all!) and Living Areas.

But I never got to it.

I never finished my own spring cleaning. I never published a <2 part> plan for tackling kitchens and a plan for living areas.

I disappeared from my blog and resided in hibernation until just recently.

Pushing through spring cleaning last year was a struggle. I started the project ON FIRE!! So full of motivation and energy thanks to the beautiful weather, and addition of beaming sunshine to our days. Then, seemingly overnight, I was so physically tired I honestly wondered if something was wrong with me.

Come to find out…I was pregnant.

Extreme fatigue was my biggest first (and well in to second) trimester pregnancy symptom. When I say extreme, I mean EXTREME. Not just “I need a little nap and I’ll feel better”. This was more like “how is it possible to be this tired and not be dead?” tired.

Thinking about moving a finger required effort.

Plus I had two toddlers to contend with.

I didn’t make a conscious decision to abandon the blog without one word. Truth is I was in freak out mode considering my pregnancy history. Plus extreme fatigue. Plus two toddlers.

I sort of resorted to doing the bare minimum around the house and garden (the garden was already planted – an effort I didn’t want to see completely wasted) and spent the rest of the time with my feet up…or I tried.

And, let us get real, the bare minimum around the house and garden and managing a family still requires a lot.

So, here we are. Spring 2019.

Do you have Spring Cleaning plans?

I’d like to think I do, but I’m really striving to be a realist at this point.

Executing a Spring Cleaning plan like the ones I posted last year would require three weeks without any children.

One week prior to rest up and recharge the batteries so I have enough energy and stamina to get through the various tasks.

One week to execute said plan.

One week on the back end to rest and get myself back together.

Since none of that will be an option my new plan is this: I’m going to do a little extra in each room, when time permits.

And I’m going to call it GOOD.

Because this is the season of life that I’m in and I’m going to embrace it!

If you want to really get after it and need some inspiration or ideas to get organized, here are the posts from last year:

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I’ll also get a post together for Living Areas and a 2 Part plan for Spring Cleaning Kitchens (plans I won’t be following myself, not this year anyway).

I’m curious: where do you stand with Spring Cleaning this year? Ready to get down and really tackle it like a pro, or doing a little extra and calling it good?

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