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Spring Cleaning 2021: Changing Of Plan

Spring is fast approaching. As such, I’m getting the itch to start Spring Cleaning 2021.

This year, however, I’m accepting the season of life and instead of trying to force my usual plan for Spring Cleaning 2021 (see links to those checklists below), I’m instead tackling in a whole different way.

Each month through the year I’m focusing on a couple large deep clean and/or purge projects, alongside all my usual weekly and monthly chores.

So, for example, in the month of January all the hard floors in our house got a good hand scrub along with the baseboards.

For February I’m doing a drastic purge of all my kids’ stuff: toys, clothes, shoes, books, etc. and preparing for a couple different consignment options. I’ll also be scrubbing the front of my kitchen cabinets (a task I didn’t get to last year or the year before so they’re EXTRA gross!).

I understand this may mean that not everything gets touched this year and that’s also something I’m going to accept. Having a clean home, which also means deep cleaning from time to time, is important to me. It’s good for my mental health. It’s essential for smooth management of this young family.

Balancing the need to be realistic with my desire for a neat, tidy and clean home means prioritizing and setting goals that are achievable (rather than overwhelming to the point of giving up). It also means accepting that some things just won’t happen this go-round.

My young family has just too much going on and requires so much of my time and attention when we are home to tackle this any other way.

Do you find yourself in a similar “season of life” situation?

That’s OK!!

The most important thing is to keep working at it: even if it means your house doesn’t get a good deep clean all in one sweep! Even if it means that some things go untouched this year.

Assess what needs your attention most, make a Spring Cleaning 2021 list and start there!

Here are the Spring Cleaning plans from years prior if you need ideas/tips/tricks:
Living Spaces

We’ve got this – a little at a time!

Love & Hugs from Colorado,

Keep track of all your checklist details with this beautiful “Chaos Coordinator” checklist book:

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