Spring Cleaning, De-clutter & Organize

Spring has arrived!

Despite the official arrival of Spring being marked as March 20th, it is just now resonating with me.

Of course, Spring in Colorado means lots of different weather shifts. Sometimes all in the same 24-hours. But, we enjoyed a rich and warm day with the sun flying high in the sky yesterday. As a result, I’m all hopped up on energy and motivation that can only come from the warm weather and sunshine after a long, cold winter.

Renewed energy and motivation!

Spring Cleaning Time!!

Do you plan a major de-clutter, organization and/or cleaning operation around this time of year?

I do.

This year more than any other.

The addition of our two little foster kiddos caused the wheels to sort of fall off the cart last Fall. There was a lot of adjustment period. A lot of chaos. So much fatigue I sometimes wonder how I made it out alive.

As the months progressed and these little ones grew, so did the piles of stuff. Everywhere.

Soooo….the time has arrived. Time to throw open the windows and turn up the tunes.

But first!

Maybe you need a plan of action, as do I, so that you can be prepared and stay focused as you work your way through the project at hand? Knowing exactly what needs to be done, and what tools and supplies you will need at the ready will help the project move along much more smoothly

I designed these adorable Spring Cleaning planning cards. A plain old sheet of paper will also do…but look how pretty!

Or this version that’s a little simpler and cleaner without the additional flowers at the top:

As you prepare for your very own Operation Spring Cleaning:

  • Begin by going room to room and jotting down each task that will need your attention.
  • Determine what supplies will be needed to accomplish the tasks
  • Gather supplies (which may involve a little bit of shopping to pick up necessities) – a bucket with necessities saves trips to and from wherever your cleaning products are normally stored.
  • Work your way through one room at a time, ticking off tasks as you go

The one room at a time rule is so important for me. The reason being, and maybe you can relate, is that leaving one room with an item belonging somewhere else (say, the linen closet, for example) sometimes results in a ripple effect that looks like this:

Item in bedroom belongs in linen closet –> linen closet needs organized –> “oh, I can just straighten this quickly” –> entire linen closet emptied on to hallway floor, bedroom still not clean, time to start dinner followed quickly by bedtime routine.

And this scenario can be true of any room/closet/cupboard in the house.

A trick I use is to have a laundry basket at the ready. Anything not belonging in the room I’m working lands in the basket. Items in the basket might determine the next area of the house to get my attention, but I don’t bother with those items until I’m ready to work in the area they belong OR if the area they belong has already been organized and I can quickly put them away I do so after my area of focus is complete.

They say the New Year is an opportune time for ‘fresh starts’. I happen to think Spring affords the same opportunity. A literal clean and fresh start for the place you call home.

Join me this month (and maybe next!) with Operation Spring Clean <and de-clutter and organize>.

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Happy cleaning!



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