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Stuck Inside? 7 App!

Man does this weather have me feeling like…blah!

Snow and cold followed by more cold and more snow. Add in the wind and it’s a recipe for being locked inside.

I’ve attempted to be extra mindful of getting outside for a walk with my little man every day that it’s possible through this winter season. My rule of thumb is:
-above 40 degrees
-minimal wind
-at least partial sunshine

Some days has meant bundling up – lots of layers, ensuring ears and fingers are covered and a snowsuit for the little man. Other days has meant strolling in t-shirts (literally – the randomness of weather recently leaves my head spinning)

We’ve managed to get out there pretty consistently around 3-5x a week. And the rise and fall of hills within our neighborhood elevates my heart rate and leaves me knowing I really got something for my efforts.

The added benefit of fresh air and sunshine also simply cannot be argued.

But…we are heading in to week TWO of no-go for outside strolling. Week three isn’t looking a lot better.

Admittedly, I didn’t do anything inside to make up for it last week but I’m looking in to this week thinking “MAN! I’ve gotta do something!”

We don’t have a gym membership, nor are we interested in that added expense so I’m back to the drawing board about how to get some indoor exercise in the upcoming week (and yes, I have a treadmill, but it’s sooooo not calling my name).

I remembered the 7 app.

Anyone heard of it?

A seven minute workout facilitated via the app (and you can elect to do several cycles – the choice is yours). The “trainer” will tell you what move is up next and the built in timer will alert you when it’s time to start/stop/rest/start again.

I’ve also been known to mostly use the app for the timer and incorporate whatever “moves” of my own choosing if there are certain areas I’m wanting to work on more.

Truth be told, there are functions of the app I haven’t even tapped in to. For example, staying consistent can mean earning hearts/rewards, there are daily challenges, you can compete with friends, etc. AND the app can be launched right from you Apple watch, if you so choose.

So, between this and a beginners yoga YouTube workout this is how I intend to squeeze in a little workout for the body this week. Looks like there might be one…maaaayyyybe two…days in the week we can get outside.

But I’m not holding my breath.

What indoor workouts do you love?

And I mean LOVE. Not just tolerate for the sake of checking exercise off your ‘to do’ list.

Clearly my lineup needs revamping so entire weeks don’t pass me by while I stand at the window wishing for sunshine, clear sidewalks and warmer temps.

Please, please: help a girl out and comment with your indoor workout loves below.

And if your weather is super gorgeous right now, take in a few deep breaths of fresh air and stand with your face to the sun an added moment or two…for me!

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