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Table Stations: Part 4

It’s been a while since we’ve had some full-on table stations going on at our house.

The weather has been so nice that we’ve been outside a LOT but my preschool aged kids are also back with the sitter during the week now that the world is opening back up a bit.

By the time they get home we are either back outside running off the last bit of wiggles (ha! like they ever run out!) or if they ask to watch a show I generally oblige because I usually have dinner to get made and they don’t get a whole lot of screen time while at the sitters anyway.

That said, I wanted to share with you a few more ideas to add to your list (even though we did them months ago) so that when bad weather strikes or you just need to keep little hands occupied for a bit and there’s already been too much screen time on the day you’re armed and ready!

The thing I love most about these three ideas is that they are always prepped and are very quick to whip out and get started…and equally quick to clean up and tuck back away when your table is ready to serve another purpose.

Magnetic Dress-up Doll

A new spin on an old favorite – paper dolls – this magnetic dress-up doll is a favorite for both my preschool age kids. Even my son enjoys giving Cinderella new looks (even though it sometimes means she’s wearing a hand bag on her head).
Magnetic dress-up dolls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and themes. Here are a few reasonably priced on that Prime deliver quickly and for free!

Letter Writing Practice

Kids don’t even know they are expanding academically when these tracing sheets are placed in a cover so dry-erase markers can be used…over and over and over again….because it’s FUN!
We have also practiced writing our names – including spelling out loud via this same method.
Both the tracing sheets (pulled out of a booklet) and the dry-erase sleeves can be found at most dollar stores but in case you don’t have one near you (or just aren’t keen about hitting up the dollar store in your area), here’s a bundle with everything you need that you can have delivered to your front steps:

Vtech DigiArt Color by Lights

One of my kids received this awesome coloring board for a gift and we LOVE it! Vtech just has all the coolest stuff!!

Children practice following directions as the board instructs what to color (by what is lit up) and which color to use.

Fine motor skills are exercised as they complete the activities which include not only the coloring pages but flipping the coloring sheets over to the blank side where they trace shapes and other various exercises by following vebal directions and lights.

There’s the option for music to play while they work – and you know how kids love noise – and all materials store neatly in the back of the board.

If you need a fun and unique gift for you own or a kiddo you know, consider this an option! It holds the attention of my ‘attention span of a gnat’ kids for long stretches of time and because we don’t have it out all the time, when it makes an appearance, they go nuts!

Other Table Station Ideas

For other ideas, see these links from previous posts.
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A Few Table Station Reminders

  1. I strive for 15-20’ish minutes per station for my 3 and 4 year old – set a timer!
  2. When the timer goes off we get down from the table and do a 1 song dance party to get our blood pumping
  3. Remember to be flexible as some activities won’t hold attention as long while others grab them for far longer than you intended…BUT in the spirit of teaching transition do ensure your kids move through all the stations and allow them to return to one they previously really enjoyed once you are finished.

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