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Giveaway Winner Announced!

I kinda left ya hanging there, didn’t I?

I announced a giveaway and promised the winner would be named on Friday.

And then Friday came and went.

No winner announced.

Nothing posted on Simply Writeous.

Did she forget?

I didn’t.

It’s actually been on my mind frequently since Thursday night.

We’ve had a rough couple weeks with our sweet <sweet like a sour patch kid> baby girl and I was preparing for weekend company and honestly the wheels just sorta fell off.

So…here I am.

Monday morning.

72- hours late.

MARY! Mary, dear! YOU are the winner of the SimplyWriteous giveaway!!

Congrats!! Hit me up with your address so I can get your pretty Spring Cleaning Planning Cards in the mail.

Apologies for the late announcement, and thank you to all my peeps who love me and love following my blogging journey enough to have my posts land in your inbox.

If you’ve not signed up to follow the blog – but wish you would – it’s simple. Just enter your email address and click the button. You’ll receive a verification email which is another 1 click and you’re all set! I never SPAM you. Not with that gross canned ham or email nonsense.

Did you know that tomorrow is National Teach Kids to Save Day? I love the idea and wish there was more publicity behind it because learning the value of, and how to manage money is something best learned at a young age. I’ve got a creative idea you can implement with the young ones in your life so be sure to check back in tomorrow!


Fireworks Photo Credit: Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Plan & Giveaway Deadline Reminder

Shortly after my post about Spring Cleaning published last week, a dear friend outreached with a request. She wondered if I could give more instruction. If I could talk about what tasks land on my ‘to do’ list and ultimately how I tackle these sorts of projects. She admitted that while her mother would deny to the very end, she never really taught her about deep cleaning. The general vacuuming and dusting and swabbing down the bathroom – check! But, once (or twice) a year really doing it up right – not so much. So today I will kick off a series, walking you through my Spring cleaning checklists. Starting first with my Spring Cleaning Bathroom Plan.

Please note that I fully recognize your home – and bathrooms – aren’t likely the same as mine. This is simply a rundown of how I will tackle my Spring Cleaning Bathroom Plan. You can use this as a guide for your own bathrooms, making modifications based on how your home is built.

If you are curious, I have three bathrooms. One with a tub/shower. One with a shower/shower door. One powder room with only a toilet and vanity.

As I talked about in the post last week, gathering the necessary supplies prior to getting started will help streamline the process. No unnecessary running back and forth to grab the items needed next.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Supplies Needed

  • Tile/Grout shower and tub cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • All purpose cleaner (a concentrated formula, I like one with bleach personally)
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Scouring pads
  • Mr Clean magic eraser
  • Small brush (an old toothbrush works well, I keep old ones around marked for “cleaning”)
  • Rags (either disposable or those that can be washed and re-used. Old cut-up t-shirts, wash cloths or small towels darner my collection)
  • Small bucket for water/cleaning solution
  • Paper towels
  • Broom
  • Medium bucket for rags (if not disposable)
  • Basket for items not belonging in bathroom
  • Trash bag
  • Step-stool
  • Washing Machine/Detergent/White Vinegar
  • Kitchen Sink/Hot Water/Dish Soap
  • New shower curtain liner
  • New toilet brush
    Tips/Tricks: I like to keep my most commonly used Spring Cleaning items in a tote so they are mostly gathered anytime I start a new room. Also, when I purchase new items (toilet brushes, shower curtain liners, etc.) they have a ‘home’ until they are needed and don’t clutter up another place in the house.

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Plan of Attack

  1. Start by taking down the shower curtain and liner and gather the bathroom rugs. Also remove globes from light fixture and vent fan cover. Clear off shower caddy if you have one. Empty trash into trash bag. Load up trashcan with aforementioned items to haul to kitchen.
    Tips/Tricks: toss that shower curtain liner right in the trash – NOW is a good time to hang a fresh one.
  2. Fire up the washing machine with the above items. You may need to do two loads pending the size and colors of the items involved.
    Tips/Tricks: using white vinegar in place of fabric softener will not only soften these items but will help bust through any sour smells that tend to linger on bathroom items. I promise the smell of vinegar rinses right out!
  3. Fill kitchen sink with hot, soapy water and allow globes from light fixture, vent fan cover, and shower caddy to soak.
  4. Wet down shower and spray with tile/tub/grout cleaner – let sit. Do the same with shower doors if you have those instead of a curtain. Douse inside of toilet with toilet cleaner.
  5. Run broom across all 90 degree angles in room (i.e. where walls meet ceiling, corners of walls) to knock down any cobwebs
  6. Fill small bucket with warm water and all purpose cleaner.
  7. Using a rag, wipe down walls working top to bottom. Hit the light fixture and any décor that can be wiped down while you’re at it. Don’t forget the tops of door jams and window trim. When done, toss rag (either into trash or bucket for later laundering), and pour out water/cleaning solution. Rinse bucket.
    Tips/Tricks: I only wipe down walls in the bathrooms that have a shower. The constant humidity in those rooms from baths and showers causes dirt/dust to stick to the walls. This is not so much the case in powder rooms with only a toilet and sink. I may add this task for our powder room another round of deep cleaning — but Spring Cleaning has enough to address!
  8. Return to shower/tub. Re-wet the first wall you intend to tackle and spray a new dose of cleaner. Then, using scouring pad, brush and lots of elbow grease, begin scrubbing tile paying special attention to the tile grout. Work top to bottom. Once clean, rinse with fresh water. Repeat until all walls (and shower door, including track) are done.
  9. Rinse tub (or shower floor), re-apply cleaner and give this area a good scrub. Rinse with fresh water.
  10. Re-fill small bucket with warm water and all purpose cleaner.
  11. Scrub inside of toilet with old toilet brush. Flush. Toss toilet brush into trash (when all bathrooms are complete).
  12. Using a new <disposable> rag, wipe down entire outside of toilet. Toss rag into trash. Pour out water/cleaning solution. Rinse bucket.
  13. Re-fill bucket with warm water and all purpose cleaner.
  14. Wet down sink and spray with Tile/Grout/Tub Cleaner
  15. Wipe down counter
  16. Scour sink and around faucet (the small brush comes in handy here too!).
  17. Return to laundry room and hang shower curtain and rugs outside or dry, or toss in dryer.
  18. Stop by kitchen sink and wash light fixture globes, vent fan cover and shower caddy. Wash inside and outside of trashcan. Set them aside to dry.
  19. Return to bathroom and empty vanity. Wipe down inside drawers and cabinets. With a critical eye, go through all products, trashing those that are outdated or are unlikely to ever be used again. Consider if some of your towels and washcloths have paid their dues and are ready to become part of your rag collection. Put items that belong in another room in the basket.
    Tips/Tricks: If you haven’t used it in the last year, you are unlikely to ever do so again. Toss it!
  20. With items now purged, return what’s left to the vanity in an organized fashion.
  21. Wipe down outside of vanity. Pour out water/cleaning solution. Rinse bucket. Toss rag (into trash if disposable, into bucket if laundering for later use).
  22. Shine up any glass with glass cleaner and paper towels (i.e. windows, mirrors, glass shelves, etc.)
    Tips/Tricks: a clean rag can also be used here. I prefer paper towels for this particular task – because that’s how my mama taught me!
  23. Re-fill bucket with water/cleaning solution.
  24. Sweep bathroom floor.
  25. Using a new rag and lots of arm power, wipe down bathroom floor (remember baseboards). If you have tile, again, lots of attention paid to grout lines.
    Tips/Tricks: a Mr Clean Magic Eraser makes quick(er) work of those grout lines.
  26. Pour out water/cleaning solution. Rinse bucket. Toss rag (into trash if disposable, into bucket if laundering for later use).
  27. While floor is drying, gather items that were earlier laundered and washed in the kitchen.
  28. Return light fixture globes to light fixture. Hang vent van cover. Return shower caddy to shower with essential showering items only. Hang freshly laundered shower curtain with new shower curtain liner and re-position rugs. Add a fresh trash can liner and return it to its normal spot.
  29. Gather cleaning supplies and put away in their storage spot. Run trash outside.
    Tips/Tricks: rags that I will be laundering gather in a basket once they have dried in the laundry room and once I complete all Spring cleaning I wash one load – with bleach. Yes, that’s a LOT of rags. 
  30. Address items in “other room” basket.
    Tips/Tricks: I put away items that belong somewhere else IF that ‘somewhere else’ is where the item actually lives. If it doesn’t yet have a permanent home I leave it in the basket until a permanent home can be created — otherwise clutter is created elsewhere in the house and the item(s) are likely to end up back in that basket as I’m Spring Cleaning through the house

Are you exhausted just reading this? I know! It looks like a LOT of steps = a LOT of work.

Truth is, it IS a lot of work. That’s sort of the spirit behind a once (or twice) a year cleaning.

Here’s what I can promise you though: preparation/planning on the front end will help the project go much faster than you anticipate. Remember the concept of time & motion. Make every move count! Unnecessary tips down the stairs or hallway to grab forgotten items only drags the project out and serves to zap some of your energy. Spring Cleaning Bathroom plan of attack actually goes faster than you might initially think (provided you can stay focused). You will feel SOOOO accomplished and love your fabulously clean space when you finish!

Who is ready to tackle their bathrooms Spring cleaning style this week?

Also…just a reminder of the giveaway that you must have your name in for by Thursday of this week! Already have your name in the hat? Great! Refer a friend to sign up to follow the blog and I’ll give ya an extra entry slot (comment on a post with the name of the friend you referred – or share my blog post on your FB account being sure to tag me so I see it).



Bathroom Photo Credit: Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Labor Day 2017 & Giveaway Reminder

Just wanted to pop in to wish you all a happy Labor Day and send forward a giveaway reminder.

I read this morning that Labor Day is the “unofficial” end of summer. The thought of that doesn’t excite me in the least, but I do appreciate the extra day off work!

We returned last night from a lovely trip down south to visit some of our dearest friends. It was a weekend of relaxation, delicious food, catching up and a million laughs. We were in desperate need of a break and the trip was exactly what the doctor ordered!

Now that we are home we will use the extra day off work to do some catching up….

On that list includes harvesting the corn and pulling up some green bean plants that have simply petered out. I’ve also got a tomato plant that’s been struggling and I’m tired of looking at that will be pulled up. At quick glance last night it appeared there were other veggies ready for picking, so, of course I’ll tend to that as well.

I would imagine that the harvest this morning will require a canning project to follow. Since there aren’t probably going to be enough hours in this day, the chances are good that I’ll be sharing the blessings of the garden once again.

On that note, I should probably think about getting started. But before I go, I wanted to highlight and send forward the giveaway reminder! Last week I posted about the recipe card giveaway. You can read about it by clicking this link.

You have until 11:59pm TONIGHT to get registered!! Registration is simple and requires only 3 things…

1) Follow my blog.
If you aren’t signed up to follow just yet, it takes only a minute. Find the box at the top, right of my webpage. Enter your email address and click ‘Subscribe’.

2) Leave a comment here, or on another of the articles in Simply Writeous.
3) “Friend” me (HJ Ozborn/Simply Writeous) on Facebook. Quick access by clicking here

Time for me to slip into my gardening gloves, but I’m curious…what sorts of things do you have on tap for your Labor Day Monday??