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Thoughts on Preparing for Fall 2020

If I’m honest, I’m nervous about what the Fall season has in store for us.

It’s all a very delicate balance between promoting and ensuring safety (to the best of our ability) in the midst of a pandemic that no one seems to fully understand and allowing opportunities for the economy to stay afloat.

I’m not sure anyone has the right answer(s) and it’s all a wild shot in the dark to know what would be best.

I understand the need to get back to “normal” as much as possible. My heart breaks for small (and large) businesses that simply haven’t been able to stay afloat during this time.

And still… I’m nervous.

Fall tends to come with a flood of illness anyway…common colds and flu…the second our kids hit the doors of the schools.

This year we have COVID (among other things) to contend with.

And so… I’m nervous.

I’m nervous about dealing with illness that may overtake my family (to what degree, unknown). I’m nervous about another lock-down rendering me home with my entire tribe again…with no breaks. I’m nervous about our supply chains being able to keep up after so much of production was slowed due to shut-downs here and overseas earlier in the year. I’m nervous about my husbands salary (but not his hours) being furloughed…again…and that the cost of everything could potentially skyrocket.

The last go-round of toilet paper crisis my family was in a moderately good spot and didn’t have to launch into panic mode too much because I never let us get down to the last square…or drop…or sprinkle of things before I get another on the shelf anyway.

That being said, I didn’t feel “prepared”, mentally or physically, for the panic that ensued. I wasn’t prepared for my own need to question whether or not we’d be able to get our hands on things after our back-ups had run low.

I’m not one for doomsday planning. I don’t want to survive any sort of zombie apocalypse (Jesus, please just take me home).

BUT I do want to be more prepared for my family in the event that another toilet paper crisis arises.

I’ve pondered the best way to go about this – because I want to do what makes sense for us. I don’t want to spend unnecessary money or be wasteful in anyway. I also want to have a strategy that will make life easier in the event that we are really stuck at home again.


I’ve concluded that it’s time to start getting meals prepped and in the freezer (or having ingredients set aside and earmarked for entire meals on the shelf if they aren’t recipes I want to have fully prepped ahead of time).

The beauty of this conclusion is that I always do some freezer meal cooking for the fall/winter anyway. This time around I’m just going to kick it up a couple notches.

It’s a plan that ensures we aren’t just trying to make due, or force me to be extra creative with whatever ingredients happen to be in the pantry at any given moment (I’m not sure I have the brain power for that now, let alone if we find ourselves locked in and I’m trying to manage the non-stop chaos of my kids). It will allow me to be intentional with my shopping. AND in the event that I’ve prepared (or over-prepared) for seemingly nothing my feelings will not be hurt if I have the luxury of having complete meals planned/prepped/ready to go and can have several nights “off” from cooking.

The planning alone is going to take a bit of effort, and then I’ll have to scrounge around for the time to get it all done…the shopping…the cooking…the organizing…the cleaning up afterwards.

Because, you know, time is tight when there are young kids in the mix.

BUT you’ve gotta start somewhere!

Step 1: organize and inventory what we already have on hand.

Step 2: cash in credit card points for gift cards to make grocery and supply purchases (because it’s not in our budget to just run out and buy a months worth of groceries and supplies to have in hand in addition to the usual weekly grocery run)

Step 3: begin making lists (meals, shopping, to-do).

It’s going to be quite a process (freezer cooking always is anyway) but I’m down for the challenge.

Are you?

(I’ll be sharing my strategy and other what-not as I move through this)


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  • Lisa A

    I’m trying to be more thoughtful about having things on hand. Lately (before the pandemic hit) I was sort of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants planner for dinner. I got lazy. I would go to the story 2-3 times a week to grab what I needed for dinner. We always have a freezer full of meat, because we purchase directly from a rancher. But having ingredients on hand for several meals is now a serious goal of mine. I wish I had more freezer space to have freezer meals ready….that’s the only downside of purchasing meat like we do. I am keeping a well stocked pantry, and since my kitchen is tiny and storage at a premium we have erected some restaurant-style shelving in the basement to handle the bulk-buying.

    I will look forward to your freezer prep posts though, because when I can and have the space freed up, I’m going to try to do more of that.

    And we NEVER allow a toiler paper shortage! LOL!

    • Hilary Doyle

      I think having a freezer full of meat and a pantry fill of ingredients for full meals is just as smart as having a freezer with completely prepped meals. I considered this option as well but decided that in the event I’m home with all three for a stretch of time, not having to worry about cooking would probably be the best gift I could give myself.

      Shelves in the basement are a good idea also with storage being at a premium everywhere else!

      we NEVER allow a toilet paper shortage either — it’s risky in a way I just cannot get on board with! LOL

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