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Toddler Bible Study: Creation Day 1 (Light)

I’ve talked in previous posts about the activities I plan, prep and try to keep at the ready for my toddlers (age 3 and 4) so that when we get home in the evening we can get started almost immediately.

Transition is a struggle for them, they love activities (and the attention they get while we work on them together). Having a well thought out plan along with all the supplies ready to go is a win-win for all of us.

They get the attention and stimulation they so desperately need and I get to move from time before dinner to dinner without the wheels falling off because I already have them trapped at the table….waahahahaha (<–evil laugh).

Truth is, the wheels probably already fell off at pick-up from the sitter and, to the best I’m able to avoid it, I just don’t have it in me to battle round….whatever round we’d be on at this point in the day.

I have several repeat activities at the ready that I pull from as needed, but try to plan new and exciting activities based on the season/holidays/etc.

I’ve also made it my personal mission to insert a Biblical lesson in to as many of the seasonal activities as possible (if you didn’t see our 3-part series on LOVE around Valentine’s Day, check it out: Here, Here, and Here. Though we are rounding the corner in to March, you can still incorporate some heart themed activities and lessons on LOVE in to your activity calendar!)

I love the idea of helping my kids keep God top of mind and to help them learn Biblical truths while they grow.

With that in mind, we are also doing specific Bible Study lessons throughout the year and we are kicking off in the most logical starting point with Genesis and the Seven Days of Creation.

Join us!

Creation Day 1 Supplies Needed:

  1. Children’s Bible
  2. Black card stock
  3. Exacto knife
  4. Cutting mat
  5. Silver marker
  6. White tissue paper
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue sticks
  9. Flashlight(s)

Creation Day 1 Prep Instructions:

  1. Because I needed two projects, I cut my sheet of card stock in half but you can certainly use full sheets if your heart desires.
  2. Using the exacto knife, I free-handed the cut-outs to be covered in white tissue paper when the kids are turned loose. Any shape or design will suffice and it certainly doesn’t need to be any particular work of art. Just go with the flow.
  3. Cut the white tissue paper into small’ish squares, ensuring there is enough to cover all the cut-out space of on the card stock in the overlapping haphazard way that your littles are sure execute (i.e. plan to have more than you think you’ll need)
  4. I wrote on each card “Day 1: Day & Night” and “Let there be light -Genesis 1:3” using my silver marker
  5. Finally, I tucked the cards, tissue paper squares, glue sticks and flashlights into a plastic bag along with our Children’s Bible and filed it in my “projects ready” bin

Creation Day 1 Project Execution

The day of the project, we started with a short Bible reading from our Children’s Bible about the first day of creation, Genesis 1: 1-5, and we re-iterated the following points:
–On the first day, God created LIGHT
–God said “Let there be light!”
–God called the light “day” and the dark “night”

Then, they set to work gluing the white tissue paper to the back of the card stock, seeking to cover all the cut-out areas.
(because glue sticks were used, I was pretty well able to step away and put finishing touches on dinner but they did require some help when the tissue paper began sticking to their little glue covered fingers).

Once the cards were sufficiently covered in tissue paper and all the extra glue we could muster, we dimmed the dining room lights and practiced our best, “Let there be light” – at which time they switched on their flashlights behind their cards, which shone through the white tissue paper.

The kids were super excited to share their projects and new Biblical knowledge with their dad when he got home from work…and even weeks later, when I ask them what God created on the first day, they loudly proclaim, “Let there be light!”.

Note: I highly suggest fact checking your Children’s Bible against a your Bible. We’ve found some inaccuracies in Children’s Bibles compared with an adult sized version. Isn’t that strange? I get it though: bringing it down to a kids level can leave errors in translation. And while the inaccuracies may seem small details, we want to be sure that what we teach our kids is the whole actual truth.

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